Happy with a 7.6 A1C!

Our oldest son has been out on is own now for 8 months, as parents we worry, when you have a child with type 1 diabetes you worry even more. He’s been sharing an apartment and with 3 friends, having a grand old time. Me on the other hand have been worried that he is checking his blood sugar and making sure he is bolusing, after all who is going to ask him did you test! After 2 missed doctor appointments, he finally made it in for his checkup (had to work you know when the other 2 were scheduled) his a1c is 7.6 which i am really happy with, considering that he is doing all this on his own.

So good Job Adam! Oh by the way he’s moving back home in a week, we learned alot while we were away, 1. You have to work more hours to make more money. 2. you have to pay bills, 3. when you share with friends you sometimes become the parent. 4. It’s nice to have a washer and dryer in your home. 5. Its better to own than rent. 6. and finally, mom and dad’s house is so much more comfortable and guess what they have food!

Welcome home Adam!

That is so funny. Been there done that. My son went through this as well, moved out with friends, couldn’t afford all the bills that went along with living away from home and partying…moved back home where mom still cooks and does laundry. Yeah, life is better at home sweet home.
We as mothers of our boys/growing men with diabetes will never stop worrying about their diabetes…we worry much more than they seem to worry.

Well neither of my two sons came home once they left for college. However, it is not much easier when they dont come home. The worry, the relief, the impatience it is part of raising sons. thank goodness he has come home, but you know mom, also thank goodness he tried it on his own. Life lessons learned are sometimes learned the hard way.


So funny Julie…you could have told him all that until you were blue in the face!! Sometimes they just have to learn those hard lessons on their own and hopefully come away better for it and with a little more appreciation for mom and dad…congrats on his A1c…

Thanks everyone, yes i think it was a valuable life lesson, the big move is this weekend, and you know how when they move out you give them furniture, and all the extra stuff you have laying around, i am praying that he is giving it all to the remaining roommates, please don’t bring it home!

Can’t imagine what it will be like when he gets back, I think he’s learned a lot and we missed him and i know i will rest easier knowing he is home and safe, it is hard to let go! Julie

LOL, glad he learned his lessons! And glad you have another year or two with him at home so you don’t have to worry. He did an okay job, considering he was out on his own with a crazy schedule.