I am Finally a OMNIPOD user…Yippee!!! So far so good! I am enjoying it. Today, I had the chance to use my Temp Basal setting for excersing; it worked well…no lows. The first day I experienced 1 low in the morning and 1 in the afternoon but I figure it’s because I had given myself a 22 units of lantus the night before. I noticed the PDA tells you when to change the POD (awesome); I know I would forget to do so…lol I haven’t experienced any lows today. My Niya (2 yrs old) thinks I have an awie (prob spelled that wrong), she told me to take it off…lol Wish me luck tomorrow is my first Pod change.



I am blogging my life away at the link below. Please fill free to check it out.

Hi Cherise: A Belated Welcome.

Great to see that you are Happy with your pod so far. That is probably the
pump I will be getting later on. All pumps have some problems especially when they are newer. So don’t be alarmed. Hopefully, you will be a Lucky
one and have Very few. Your Baby Girl is Really cute. :o)