Has any one ever had Orthostatic Hypotension w/their diabetes?

My son blacked out on Friday and I took him to the Doc and they tested his bp and pluse sitting and standing and laying down. The diagnosis is that he has Orthostatic Hypotension and they said drink a lot of water over then next 2 weeks and then they will recheck. That he might be somewhat dehydrated and that Teens get this sometimes when they are having growth spurts…my 6 foot 15 year old is good at spurting!!! I am wondering though…they say it isn’t realated to his diabetes?? He has been running high for him and not drinking enough water…maybe that made things worse and that is why he actually blacked out??

I occasionally get hypotensive but only if I’ve been laying down for a while and sit up quickly. I don’t think it’s diabetes related personally (although I could def. be wrong :-). When I’m in the middle of training season with lots of cycling and running (during the summer) it happens more often. I don’t know if it’s related to my resting HR being lower or if I am just dehydrated some as well (although HR and BP are not necessarily related). I’ve never blacked out though…I only get a little dizzy and see spots for a few seconds and then I return to normal as my BP stabilizes.
For your son I would assume having more hydration will help (as the extra fluid ‘within the pipes’ will help raise BP…that is to say, the same size pipes–vessel volume remains the same–with more fluid, will cause a pressure increase).

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I had it a few times but I’d been sick and was dehydrated

Having high BG often leads to dehydration. Dehydration often leads to hypotension (that’s why they give diuretics to those with high BP). So, I think it’s extremely likely that your son’s orthostatic hypotension is, at least on some level, related to diabetes.

I find that if my blood sugar is on the low side, sometimes I will have a dizzy spell if I get up quickly from a sitting position. I’ve never actually blacked out, but I’ve come close.

I have blacked out after jumping up in the night to relieve a bad leg cramp. I have read that leg muscles contract to pass blood upward when you rise and perhaps the cramp reduced the blood flow.

Hmm that is interesting cuz he does have problems with charlie horses in his legs sometimes.

I have read that they are more common in diabetics.