Has any one had problems with broken pdms for the omni pods

my son is fifteen. he has had type one diabetes for 8 years now. wejust got the omni pod in february and we really liked it in june he had the pdm in his pocket and fell while walking in a creek so it broke. of course this was not covered under the warrenty luckly for us the where offering an upgrade for $149 so we got it and this one was even better. well about a month after having it for no reason at all the lcd screen broke and i called about this problem and they said that it was not covered under the warrenty and i would have to pay $500 to get it fixed. well i just think that this is rediculos i am not happy at all about this. we have never used any other pumps before but we are planning on switching does anyone have advice i which one we should choose? we are leaning towards the new animas

I personally believe it is a good choice. I have the animas ping myself and I just love it. I love my remote and the pump fits right into my life. I swim with it bike with it and do whatever I want. Personally speaking I think it is a great choice to switch to it. I think he will like it a lot. The tube is tiny and no big deal at all.