Has any one had to return the navigator cgms reciever and transmitter for any reason?

I just started using the system, and the first five days were perfect. I then took a week off. When the eek was up, I put the system back on by the book, and everything was fine, perfect. About 6-8 hours later the reciever stopped picking up the transmitter. I then proceeded to call the help line.(wich was extremely helpful) We went through all the tests to determine the problem, they determined that they will send me a neww transmitter.(cool) I go to bed that night, wake up at 4 to use the lavatory and test my blood sugar.(I am using the glucometer tht is o the reciever) Wile im ther i try to connect, and it does instantly. It stays connected for about 8 more hours, then disconnects again, and wont reconnect. I then go to test mannually, and the glucometer does not work.(they are now sending me a new reciever also.) Has anyone ever had or heard of anything similar to this?