Has anybody switched from shots to pump because of CGM?

I got my CGM 7 weeks ago and I am past the break-in phase. I am on shots and now when I see my bg drifting out of range on the high side I am compelled to inject a little bit of insulin to nudge it down. I never thought of this when I just had bg strips. This is most likely because I did not see my bg creeping up and the next bg reading was always kind of a surprise. Now I figure that it would be so much easier to press a button or adjust the basal rate instead of switching to MDI. I might also just suffer from OCD. Did anybody have a similar experience?

I did.

Night time problems drove me nuts. They kept telling me if the lantus dose was right it would stay steady at night… well NOT for ME ! I tried splitting the dose and every pattern under the sun. never tried Levemir, but what was needed was the variable basal rates anyway.

Pumping has been great though. Most nights I see numbers between 80 and 120, and sleep all night alarm free… Thank- goodness for the pump and CGM…

I did.

Among other things, I have a profound dawn phenomenon, and was never able to deal with it successfully using long acting insulin, and never able to even see it very well until I started on full time CGM 3 years ago (BG starts spiking between 2 and 5 am, I don’t see it until I get up, and long acting insulin sometimes kicks in too late and and other times kicks in before the spike and then you go hypo in your sleep).

CGM located the problem and magnitude, and lots of experimentation with other methods finally drove me to the pump, where I find I can adjust my basal during the relevant period with a precision that long acting insulin can’t touch. (Of course, bent cannulas and infusion site reactions aside - those are new problems I’ll have to figure out…)

Betty and Jim,

Did you ever go back and compare your glucose distribution before and after getting the pump? I have seen a big improvement between bg strips only and CGM and I am wondering whether using a pump results in a big improvement in the glucose distribution too.