Has anyone come across weak muscles using Metformin

I am T2. Whenever I am prescribed and go in for Metformin, I do not get classic symptoms of reaction. I, however, start getting weak muscles. I also suffer from spondylosis, lumbar and cervical both. Whenever I get weak muscles due to metformin or otherwise, spondylosis virtually cripples me. Weak muscles are not documented in any literature on metformin. Has anyone suffered from weak muscles when on Metformin?

Incidentally, because of lumbar spondylosis and sciatic pain, it becomes difficult to understand the numbness/tingling/aches in legs and feet if the symptoms are due to neuropathy or spondylosis. Has anyone come across this?

wow been on metformin for a long while and have not had any symptoms like what you mention. sorry.

does your doc have any insight?

I have been in metformin for more than 2 years now…the body malaise, weakness of the muscles and fatigue are classic metformn side effects… (I was prescribed vitamin B complex for that) however, I have not encountered such degenerative symptoms as yours. Have you consulted your doctor regarding the matter? I completely understand the pain that you are going through…

For about an year I was not on Metformin, only Insulin Mixtard and I was happy, w/o muscle problem and could manage my spondylosis w/o much pains. Prior to that, off and on , being T2, various docs would put me on metformin (Glyciphage) or combination of metformin and would suffer muscle weakness and aches. Last week my Doc. put me on Lantus and Euglim. One component of Euglim is metformin. Muscles started becoming weak and in just three days sciatica started hurting me and there was swelling around my knee. I was limping. I looked up Lantus and Euglim on web and came to know about metformin being one of the components. I confronted my doctor and he replaced Euglim with Amaryl and the weakness and swelling came down dramatically within two days and by the fifth day I was back to work. The doc has now wowed not to prescribe metformin or its combination for me. Earlier, this doctor and other docs would not believe metformin could cause weak muscles as not documented.
One point needs clarification, spondylosis in my case is not because of diabetes. Also I use complementary therapies like Reiki, SuJok, Pranic Healing, EFT etc to my other diseases, including spondylosis.
My observation is that all human body systems are unique and in treating diabetes and its complications one solution does not fit all.
Thanks to both for being empathetic.