Has anyone controlled their diabetes type 2 for ten or more years with just diet and exercise?

So far I haven’t found any information as to how long it is possible to go without medication to control diabetes 2, by just relying on exercise and diet.

Well, everyone is unique. One can Diet and Exercise for many years without medication, while another may Diet and Exercise and need medication. I will say that Diet and Exercise should prolong the time of not having to go on medication. Just by nature, Diabetes is a progressive disease, so no matter what you do it will eventually progress, however at a slower pace then if you do not diet and exercise.

We seem to have a loss of beta cells in the pancreas as we get older. This make insulin, so - loose cells and loose the ability to produce a lot of insulin and also the fact that you may become insulin resistant is kind of a double whamo.

I, myself have been dieting and exercising goin on 5 years and my A1C is 5.8, about the same when I started.
Just be proactice and if you do have to take oral, it is just another pill and will only prolong complications in my opinion.

I was gestative diabetic with my first son 16 years ago. I followed that up with 6 more children and diabetes. Yes, you can learn to eat decent and control to a decent bit. Eventually, you’ll need to put yourself in a dr’s care. The constant care will wear thin, buying supplies on your own is hard. At least with insurance, it will make it easier to do what you know you need to. No matter, the complications will come. You can slow it down.
At least here in tudiabetes land, we have each other to talk to and share our triumphs, backslides,fears etc.

Don’t know if I’ll get to ten years but am at 3years and five months and still counting med free so hopefully I’m on the right track.