Has anyone else turned into a hypochondriac or developed an anxiety disordor?

weird question I know, but before diagnosis I was a pretty care free kid, back in the day my cousin dropped a bolder on my finger when we were 8 and my nail turned blue and fell off - I laughed to kill myself. If that were today you’d probably have to rush me to the ER because I’d be fretting that my finger would rot off due to diabetes or something. This sounds absolutely ridiculous I know, but I worry over EVERYTHING, every ache or pain I have, every time I go out I have to stash up my purse, I even get anxious if I’m in a car with someone or at a party with people I don’t know. It’s not a good way to go about life worrying every minute about health instead of living, but you know with so much going on in the world today it is hard not to think about I must say. pretty sure I’ve done so much Google research now I could qualify to be doctor, anyone else relate? haha

that’s a common thing for me. everything that happens i always wonder if it’s because i have diabetes. my mom is the same way! i will tell her something and her automatic reaction is: is it affecting your level? is it diabetes that is causing this? it’s something i will always do…most likely. even if diabetes can’t be the answer! i, also, worry about when i’m with people who do not know much about diabetes. i mean, it is your life on the line. what if something goes wrong, they won’t think something diabetes related first hand…when we take trips i always have almost 3 times as much as anyone else. i always get weird looks if i take a big suitcase for a weekend and they only have a duffel. they don’t understand that i have to carry so much back up stuff for any kind of emergency…so in short…you are definately not alone!!!

Jill, I think it’s really important to plan ahead and bring your supplies with you and listen to your body. Type 1 diabetics must be very in tune with their bodies to guard against going too low… look at it this way, at least you got to be a carefree kid. I got to be a carefree kid, too, I got the big “D” at age 17. I would much rather you worry a bit and be a responsible diabetic than be passing out while driving or whatever, because you didn’t check your blood sugar enough or because you forgot to bring your glucotabs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back home for something important like my insulin (I’m a mom of two now, and sometimes I get so focused on making sure they bring everything they need that I forget to take a few minutes to think about what I need to bring.) If you feel you’re getting a bit unbalanced and are worrying excessively about minor aches and pains, then maybe it’s time for a break, read a fun book, watch a fun tv show or something to get your mind off yourself.

Okay, I know we can all have our “moments” of concern due to the diabetes. BUT… where is the positive girl who first posted the following just a few days ago?" This is a controllable disease. Yes, it can lead to other problems, but being prepared and aware are the first steps toward feeling less anxious! Reread what you wrote:

I am so tired of seeing the negatives of this disease; is anyone else out there grateful that they have a disease that forces them to live a healthy lifestyle instead of a disease they are completely uncontrolled such as cancer?? hell I’m quite happy; sure i may have some annoying highs once and a while and lugging around supplies and avoiding heavenly yummy food can be annoying but i don’t let it eat me up inside. If i did not have this disease i would probably still be eating zesty Doritos for lunch and getting zero physical activity… i think this disease has made a HUGE advantage for me in life - it has kept me away from teenage binge drinking and drugs; I maintained my marks in school and got myself into a good university. EVERYTHING comes with pros and cons, life is a big package of ■■■■ or a heavenly blessing it depends what you make of it!! personally i think waking up and breathing in the morning is the most beautiful feeling in the world; am i the only one who does not see this as a burden? some may call this a disease but i call it a way of life, because YOU are completely in control, diabetes pushes us to live better, to manage time and organization, to be aware of our bodies, to take advantage of living each day and be the best we can be - some say what a burden, I say what a gift!

Remember, each day is a gift. You can NOT stress the small stuff. Go through each day, with your purse stuffed full of diabetes supplies and keep going!


Yes, I can relate. It has to do with knowing how much information is there on the internet and how easily accessible it is that drives me to investigate every symptom and ache and pain I encounter. Nothing makes me more anxious than not understanding something that is wrong with me and to know that I can in just about every instance discover the answer or at least narrow it down to just a couple of possibilities is so soothing.

It isn’t that I worry so much about what might be wrong with me. I noticed the area around my appendix was sore last week and became concerned, so I googled and one of the first things I found was that having a cold can cause soreness in that same spot. I had a rather severe cold, so immediately I more or less ruled out the much scarier appendicitis.

More information = less worry = Jason is less anxious. :slight_smile:

But I laughed when I read the part about getting in a car with someone or going to a party with a bunch of strangers. I’m extremely germ-phobic too. I have hand sanitizer on my desk at office, in my car, a few in the house.

haha oh I certainly have my positive days and sketchy days - with that i’ve turned into a Germaphobic hypochondriac perfectionist, perhaps lately i’ve had too much time on my hands - i’m also getting over the flu which is hilarious because I had that SAME pain in my side thinking it was my appendix; I sterilize my hands each time I touch a public door knob… my boyfriend just laughs at me, perhaps I should chill out and laugh with him and be true to my words as you said Erin :slight_smile:

Dear Jill.

Personally I am sufficiently depressed by the reality of the situation so thank God my brain is not inventing more at this moment. I think that diabetes in any form highlights our eventual mortality. For me this is present at all times and prevents me from ever relaxing or really enjoying anything that much. I suppose this could be an anxiety disorder, wonder what the handbook of psychiatric disorders says about this.

I know exactly what you are talking about. It’s all about control or feeling a lack of control in our lives, we work so hard with our diabetes, but then is that enough to keep us safe. For others it may be fear of embarrassment… if something does happen what will people think of me. We have to just enjoy life, remember that we can’t control everything. Religious or not the serenity prayer is always a nice reminder: “God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Anxiety is my middle name. Fact, sugar swings = Anxiety/Depression!

Dear MichelleStu. Very well said.

Yes, I relate. I think Google health searches can be very bad for you - they certainly are for me! I had convinced myself I had a thyroid problem, but all my tests came back normal. It’s a difficult balance to find - being aware and proactive about your health, but not being hypervigilant and anxious.

I can relate. Since being dx, I started having anxiety about driving. Afraid i would have a low. Could call it a driving phobia I guess. Driving never bothered me before I got diabetes…