Has anyone ever ordered from here?

So I've been checking out this website called americandiabeteswholesale and they have a bunch of supplies and whatnot for cheap. Mainly I was looking at the dexcom g4. Well I'm just wondering if anyone has ever ordered from this site? and why is it so much cheaper?? It kind of makes me worried that they are trying to pull something...or like there wouldn't be a warranty with dexcom because I didn't order from them directly??? Not really sure how this all works out... HELP!!!

I get my strips from them, no problems, fast shipping and if your order is over $100 shipping is free. I would call customer service and ask about warranties etc.

Well I did some math and heres what I came up with…

Receiver- $500
Transmitter- $600
Sensors(4)- $349.99
= $1,449.99

Dexcom Website:
Receiver & Transmitter- $1,198
Sensors(4)- $349
= $1,547
So there is a $98 difference between them…although when I emailed dexcom a month or so ago they said if you paid out of pocket and you buy atleast 6 boxes of sensors over a year they would discount it to $299 a box…so if I went that route and bought from their site and just got 6 boxes it would come out to be $2,992

I’ve been trying to figure out though…I hear that the transmitter goes out after 6 months? Is that right?? Also how long does the receiver last for usually? and this is all for the Dexcom G4 that I’m interested in… :slight_smile: thanks

I have had a account with American diabetes wholesale for many years, great company.

My pump and supply's come from Liberty Medical...and when I have a problem I call MiniMed tech support and they treat me just like any other customer, I just had a pump replaced overnight. Your Dexcom will be supported by Dexcom, it is a FDA controlled product they are required by law. They would be taking a huge risk if they let a distributor handle their support.