Has anyone every heard of this?

hyperosmolar, non-ketotic diabetic coma

My friend just had this and is recovering in the hospital right now. He has a blood sugar of 1400 and no DKA? They are going to put him on 10 units of NPH 70/30 three times a day, one time for each meal once he is discharged. They have him on an insulin drip right now. I never knew this could happen. You learn something new every day. I thought I might post this just so people can be aware of it. It is when you have super high blood sugar but no Diabetic Ketoacidosis. You do not get the DKA, because Type 2 still make enough insulin to stop the ketosis. That is from what I read. It can kill up to 20 percent of patients through blood clots or complete circulatory system collapse if it goes on for too long. Here is a link to what it is.


@blizzard2014 not being familiar with the term until I looked it up, it seems limited to T2s and similar to DKA.


Your friend must of felt terrible with a bs of 1200. I’m sorry to hear, my thoughts are with him.

He had been feeling unwell for a week. Then he was drinking sodas non-stop and passed out. They had to call an ambulance. BG was 1400, now they got him down to 168, but he spiked to 600 with 3 chicken nuggets and a small mac and cheese, so they are keeping him in the hospital. This is what happens if you ignore type 2 for many years.

I don’t know a lot about it, but I had heard that too high blood sugar alone can kill you if it’s over 800-1,000 ish, it can cause organ failure.

It kind of makes sense it’s more deadly than DKA because in reading about it, it doesn’t make you as sick as fast as it seems DKA does until you have confusion etc and then you might not be able to tell how sick you are?

Scary for a type 2 that doesn’t keep a close eye on their sugars or when they get sick or react strongly to a steroid shot like I do.

I hope he gets better soon. But it sounds like he will have to watch what he eats closely. I hope they send him home with insulin too. Scary situation.

Wow,that is a high blood sugar. Hope he is feeling better. Nancy50

What?!?!?! No, never heard of it.

They have him in class right now to teach him about diabetes and insulin. I gave him a link to this site and told him what my screen name is. Hopefully he will be here for advice because I am not the one to get advice from. I am still misbehaving eating too many carbs. He needs advice from those who are really managing their diabetes the proper way.


This seems odd to use the older insulins, but maybe just hospital standard. Hope he can see an endo to get best plan for his needs and condition after he is released.

Maybe that is the kind of insulin they have on hand that’s a combo. And it’s affordable just in case? It didn’t even register what kind, it is a little odd. Because like I said I hope they send it home with him so he can start taking it right away.

Happy Birthday @moheooo1 !!!

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when I was going through chemo back in 2001, I had to take large doses of dexamethasone (steroid) the night before chemo. On the morning of the first chemo, when I tested my bg, my meter read “high” which had never happened before. When I looked it up, I found that it meant my bg was over 600. So, when I got to the chemo clinic, I asked if they had any ketone strips so I could test, which they did…it showed no ketones. The doc sent me to the lab for a professional blood draw for both glucose and ketones. The verdict: glucose 1200, ketones zero.

My A1c runs between 5.9 and 6.3 most of the time (I’m on a pump), but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I did produce at least some ketones so I could lose some weight. Still…I well understand that I’m better off not having to worry about DKA.


HOLY cow, Ruth4. We found one in our fish bowl! Amazing, but freaky-deaky.

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Hows your friend doing, @blizzard2014? Did you notice that you found someone who had this happen - Ruth4? Wild!

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My friend is back at home and doing well. Mostly having his BG under control. He has changed a lot of his eating habits and trying to get a handle on the Type 2.