Has anyone followed Gabriel Cousens becuase of diabetes?

That’s one thing I love about the co-op: they don’t throw good stuff out, they just discount it. The first place I go when I enter the co-op is the discount produce area. I can get perfectly good organic produce for less money than the pesticide produce at the grocery store and at the same time know that I’m supporting a business that doesn’t believe in throwing away good food.

I was taking Lantus, Humalog, and metformin. I was able to stop them all. And my sugar levels were good…however, I really, really, really wanted fruit. And I don’t know if it was an actual taste craving or if my body was crying out for some of the nutrients. When I did eat fruit, my numbers skyrocketed. So I restarted a lower dose of metformin in order to eat the fruit.

The metformin is actually mostly what inspired me to re-commit. It brought back side effects (hair loss, digestive issues) and it really caused some EXTREME carb cravings. Up to that point I could look at a donut and be disgusted, know what I mean? But as soon as I took that metformin, that’s all I thought about.

I want off it now. I don’t like that Dr. Cousen’s uses the term “cure” and tells people they have been cured or healed. No matter what, we are still going to have diabetes but we can control it with diet. I read that if you avoid fruit for a couple years then later you might be able to have it again, but I have a really hard time avoiding it. On the other hand, I’ve joined some other raw communities and there are a few diabetics there who are having no problem at all with large quantities of fruit. So I guess it depends on the individual.

I don’t know if I had shared it before, but here is my “raw food”/“diabetic mommy” blog:

I also have vlog going there. Here is a link to the vlog on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bjay100

I prefer the word “heal” to “cure” because I look at it this way:

If I were eating arsenic and developed the symptoms of arsenic poisoning, one of the ways to treat me would be to get me to stop eating arsenic. If I hadn’t consumed a lethal amount and my body were still strong enough, over time it would heal from the symptoms of arsenic poisoning and I would feel better, stronger, healthier and have a much better chance of living a long, healthy, happy life, so long as I stayed off the arsenic. If I went back to eating arsenic again, I should expect my symptoms to return. I haven’t been cured - I still respond poorly to arsenic and always will. But I have been healed.

That makes sense, you’ve been healed of the damage from the poisoning. I think that analogy fits perfectly. :slight_smile:

I have been away for a bit … but came back to read your posts . I have been getting alot of flack for not going to a dr to get meds to get my sugars down. I realize and am not stupid to not know I need the meds. but I have been trying so hard to get the numbers down without meds. I believe that meds are poison and I want to find the right amount of greens to help me get these devils down without the meds. If I start meds then I have to worry about getting the meds out of my system too.

BJay in your juicing … did you drink all day just green juice? how many quarts? What did you do about cravings? I do not want to go to a doctor but am getting scared because what I have been doing has not helped much. I tried to add like oatmeal as I get hungry around 11. The awaful feelings lasted till about 5 then would get to feeling better… no pressure on my eyes… but I would check my sugars and they would still be high.

Guess I am going to have to break down and go to the er to see a dr.

Hi Debbie-
Can you tell us what your numbers are? If you can you should see a dr. once you get the meds it is your choice whether you need them or not but it may be safer having them on hand just in case. Do you exercise? Going walking has dramatically improved my 8 year old who has had type 1 since she was 5. We go walking after dinner every night for about 20 minutes. Drinking about 5 oz’s of water with about a teaspoon or more of fresh lemon squeezed in brings her down a little if she’s only borderline high so she gets that before breakfast then I recheck her numbers 15 - 20 minutes later and she’s always down a few points. The first time I gave her brussells sprouts(cooked) she dropped about 25 points! Cut out all sugar ,flour,dairy, and high sugar fruits from your diet. Commit to 10 days at first. measure your numbers before and after meals and a few times a day. Write down everything even when you go walking. Then you can check your notes and see what works. God bless you in your journey. My daughter used to swng from 45 to 500 and require about 20 units of insulin and now she needs around 10 units and rarely goes above 275- which gets back under control pretty quickly nowadays. Her lows are less frequent now too. I’m on day 10 of a mostly raw low carb diet with her. She gets eggs some mornings with sausage mushrooms and onions.

Everyone will be happy to know I have gone to the ER to get checked out. My numbers have ranged like at 350 and up as high as 548. I figured I would get the meds for protection of my body then go from there. Have been on the meds now for one full day. Numbers are still high… guess it takes awhile for them to work.

Thanks for writing. I get so depressed that I just give up and splurge. but I did do a 45 minute walk today. I found out I can’t have any and I mean ANY fruit right now. So I will plug along with my greens. I find I can put hemp butter in my smoothie and do fine for the morning. then have to make more for afternoon and evening. This is when I get in trouble. Daughter lives with me and her kids and unfortunately they eat sad. I am weak. But I am fighting it…

Gabriel Cousins is an inspiring doctor and healer, so far what I’ve read has motivated me to regain control over my indiscriminate wanderings towards foods I recognize I should avoid. BRAVO to him! I’m loving my raw foods now, I incorporate superfoods galore, my tastebuds have changed, my cravings have dimished, my levels immediately and fantastically evened out to within my set targets… I’m so happy I found his website Tree of Life, Culture of Life vs. Culture of Death. I’d love to stay at his retreat for 30 days, one day I hope to get there! Incorporating the outdoor sunfood diet, where you eat what you grow and harvest, and the spiritual nutrition, focused exercise and meditative soul-food, and accessing the emotional support… to manage my diabetes and live a lifestyle that is primarily about self-care…and eliminating what I already know doesn’t work, a lifestyle of fighting with myself, and continuing to fight with diabetes. I haven’t made the total leap yet to 100% raw food, maybe 80%, but such a difference is evidenced in how I feel and what my monitor tells me. I’m not extremist…just investing in my own journey to find better ways to reach my targets. Cheers!

Going through a rough period. Right when was advancing via G. Cousens' advice, Kidney complications. After being directed to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine', cooked vegan, Dr Neil Bernard, the Raw makes more sense to me. What really gets me about G. Cousens' and given my background it should not, is the Culture of Death and his spiritual approach which is VERY undoctory or scientific? It really seems that Society here in North America (I know your from Australia) is this crazy obesity epidemic. I can't mentally shake it, it just makes sense to me and sticks in my brain, originally I though this is going to get in the way of good science, but it hasn't so far. I know lots of diabetes is autoimmune, but the Swedish nurses study seems to still put a connection into developing Diabetes in later life does have a connection for many to 1)obesity or/and 2)aging.

You have to remember that fats are not the enemy, in particular, good fats such as avocado's and nuts. I am slowly working my way towards Dr. Cousen's diet, I did a similar one in CA and noticed a big difference with raw foods. Check out Gary Taubes book "Good Calories, Bad Calories." I think you have to do what works for you. It is hard doing completely raw unless you are living in the environment and where I come from, I need warm foods in the winter. I do find, however, that lean cuts of meat and veggies work best for me, I have given up most carbs including potatoes, pasta (except for Dreamfields), bread, cereal. I make raw desserts and use stevia as a sweetener.
Challenging in the US environment but worth the numbers. I bring my meals with me many times, especially breakfast, I find it almost impossible to eat a meal out, too many carbs! So, I am trying to do raw at least one meal per day. There are some excellent recipes. It takes time and commitment! Good luck.

I did a 30 day raw food, low glycemic cleanse based on the Tree of Life. I thought it would be enough to then eat all raw (including fruit), and I had hoped it would end my dependence on insulin. I cut down to about 1/4 of my dose, but I still take shots 4 times a day. I lost 25 lbs too. My appetite decreased. I also started to exercise more as part of the program. I thought I could achieve my goal of getting off medicine in those first 30 days and was told i should continue for 3-6 months. It is very hard to stick to low glycemic raw for me. It has results. But it is a huge dedication to eating differently, and a lot of preparing in advance. I LOVE fruit! No apples? That was my go to snack. I am not sure where I go from here. I'm on the fence. Eating some quinoa, cooked lentils, and flourless sprouted bread.

Hey everybody. I switched from a nutritarian diet I learned from Dr Fuhrman but still eating processed foods like kale chips and roasted sunflower seeds to a diet recommended by Dr Cousens in There Is A Cure For Diabetes. Great results, but some weirdness.

I'm off insulin after 30 days, but my heart feels like it's beating weird. I wonder if I'm getting enough calories. I've been upping the fat through avocados, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds. I'm concerned what this will do to my cholesterol. It's currently 220, 153 ldl which I'm not thrilled with.

Thanks :-)

hey Anne, have you had issues with not getting enough calories, or getting too many of them from fat?

Not all fats are created equal! I think avocados are great, so are nuts, but not in huge quantities. I find when I eat fat with sugars, it slows the absorption rate of the carbs. Fats are necessary in our diet and some vitamins are only soluble with fat. I have done a lot of reading and been entirely low glycemic raw (Cousens), but I have not maintained it beyond a few months. It was very hard for me, not eating fruit, but I still eat a good deal raw. I lost 20 pounds on a low glycemic diet, but gained it back when I added other foods, beyond raw. I see your post is from 2008! How have you been with diet, did you ever try it?