Has anyone had to actually show their pod at airport security?

Has anyone had to actually show your pod when flying? I want to wear it on my leg (want to wear a dress at the wedding) but it wouldn't be easily accessible at security. I've never had to actually "show" it before but you never know... I don't want to be dropping my pants in the airport!! Thought about wearing my running pants, I can hike up one leg. Any suggestions or experiences? Thanks!

I took a trip last week. On the way out I had to, but I also mentioned it to them before going through one of those full body scanners. It was on my arm, so it was easy to lift my sleve for showing it. The TSA guy took a quick look and waved me on. On the way back, the scanner was only a simple metal detector. I didn't mention the pod there, and they didn't ask either. Though they did take my tube of toothpaste...

I live in Tulsa and we were one of the first locations to have the full body scanner technology (not just a metal detector). I typically try to wear mine on the back of my arm on the days I'm traveling so that I can show them easily. The "typical" routine for them is that I step into the scanner and tell the TSA official "I have an insulin pump on my arm (sometimes I wear it on my back too b/c it's easy to pull up my shirt, so alternatively I'll say "back" lol). They say "okay" and scan me. I step out, they ask to pat it down and/or they ask if I can touch it myself, and then they swab my hands and run it through the spectroscopy machine (the "sniffer" machine that smells for bomb stuff, etc). It beeps back clean after about 4-5 seconds, and then I'm on my way. It takes an extra 30 seconds total probably?

If you wore it on your leg under your pants, they might request to visually inspect it, and so you'd have to accompany them to one of the privacy room/corridor things so they could inspect it. And then you may still end up having to touch the pod and have your hands swabbed...so perhaps not a 'time efficient' means of traveling by wearing on your leg, unless you wore a skirt/dress or perhaps the running pants you mentioned?

If it's just a metal detector though, it shouldn't/won't get "picked up" and you'll be fine. I've not had a metal detector ever alarm when going through.

Hope you have a safe and fun trip!

Yes, Barbraann- Back a few years ago (before I retired) I used to travel quite alot (worldwide) And I had to show the pod at least a few times. The easiest way I found to deal with the situation (which I also had when I wore the Dexcom) was I had my Endo write me a letter (covering both pod and Dex) and I just carried it with me (easily accessable) whenever I travelled. If you have a good/empathetic endo, this shouldnt be a problem. The pos usually just becomes a "curiousity" and a conversation starter to other travelers.

I just came back from a trip to Texas. When I went through security they asked me if I had any type of metal on/on my body. I mentioned that I was a D on the pump and he instructed me to the machine where I had to stand still and raise my hands over my head. They swiped my hands for any residue (gunpowder, I guess) and I was free to go. No, they never asked to see my pod either in NY or in houston.


If I'm going through the scanner that you have to raise your arms above your head, it always trips it off. So immediately after I walk out I tell them I have an insulin pump on the back of my arm. The older scanners where you just walk through never go off. I usually just show it to them or they say "no need to do that", just pat it down and then they wipe your hands.

Had to show mine to TSA. Was on my arm tho. Had to press my hand on it, then they used a gunpowder “sniffing” device on my hand!

Thanks! I always seem to get the full body and I do the same thing, tell them ahead, get wanded,then one time was asked to step into the room where I was able to touch it etc. but it was on my belly. I think the best solution is the running pants. Plus they'd be a heck more comfortable on a plane! Interesting how many wear them on your arms, I did once and didn't like it. I find it cumbersome and sort of "out there" and it got knocked off. If I wasn't going to wear a sleeveless dress at the wedding it would be the perfect solution though!

I always wear my pods on the top of my thighs. Three separate flights I had to be pulled out because of the "anomaly" as they call it when you go through the visual scanner. It's a real P.I.T.A. if you know what I mean. Takes a lot of time. They have to get a supervisor and have you drop your pants in a small room. They touch it with some chemical tape. This whole process can take 15-30 minutes. So my recommendation is what I now do. If possible, wear shorts so they can see it...and/or a dress or skirt if female. Otherwise if I travel during cold season, I'll just wear it on my side and just pull my shirt up if asked. If you can avoid the visual scanner, none of this is an issue at all.

I have had to take off my pants to show my pod so make sure you wear underwear! They also make you touch your pod and they check your fingers for bomb residue! So get to the airport early! (You can also skip the line if you tell them you have a medical device!)

Out of 30 +/- times, I have only had to go into the private area and show the pod once. With the newer scanners, I get my hands swabbed like everyone has mentioned (except one time that it wasn't detected,) and am sent on my way.

Safe travels!

Yes, I had to do this just a few weeks ago. I had a busy month with frequent flights. Usually I was asked to touch my pump and then they checked my hands for explosive residual. Once I winded up frisked by TSA in a private room. Just once TSA officer wanted to see what I have.
I tried to put pod on my arm for traveling this way I have no difficulties with showing it.

Every time I fly and go through the full body scanner, I have to show/swab my pod. If it is only the metal detector, then often times it does not even show up. I have never had to go to the little room because I have always worn it in a spot where I can easily show/access it so they can do their swab test. Wear it somewhere you can easily access it and it will not slow you down for long at all. I have never had a problem, even flying internationally with it.

I did, but it was my choice. I will not go through a full body scanner with my pod on. I'm not sure I would go through one, period, but the last time I flew, I opted for a pat down. I don't recall where my pod was placed, but none of my spots would be much of a problem regardless. The easiest for me would be on my arm, but iirc, the one that was checked was on my lower back.

Wasn't an issue at all.

Yes, have shown it 6 times in past year without any problems, including in europe.

Thanks everyone! That's the problem, when wearing a dress (fairly tight fitting) there's really no where to wear it where it would be easily accessible at the airport AND hidden under my dress!