Has anyone heard of double. vision after Lucentis shots

Still have double vision 4 days post op. I was told it was from the dilation drops. My eyes are not dilated for days now I had a lucentis shot 2 weeks before surgery and Dr. Did one during surgery. I went out today for the first time since the surgery. Not good very hard to focus.Did better with one eye closed. The site in the eye that I had the surgery is good. I would like to know if anyone has heard of this doublr vision as a side effect of the Lucentis
Thanks Vikki


It is s listed side effect. Have you contacted your doc about this yet?

I see the Dr. Wed I will tell him again. He told me to be patient when I told him day after surgery 5 days ago. I keep telling my self double is better then nothing. When I read my vision is fine. It’s the distance that sucks. Hobbit Thank u for the reply. Vikki

As one who had a stroke, I got my right eye tracking off as one of the muscles that enables bifocal tracking of the right eye with the other one is off.

For testing purposes 3M make sticky down plastic Fresnel prisms of various
strength's that correct the off set in vision path.

If this is permanent, they can build the prism right into the eye glass in front of eye that is off.

Most optometrists are ill equipped to correct this. You need to find a specialist that deals in strabimus issues of which double vision is one.

There are tricky issues whereby you do not want to leave untreated as brain gets smart and shuts off vision from eye causing problem Eye patch is usually called for in these issues.

I remember standing in Doc's parking lot and he asked me to look at stop sign across the street. I saw 2 of them. He slipped the 3m plastic Fresnel prism in front of my right eye and I watched the right eye image lift up to same level as the left eye and the brain snapped the two images into one picture.

I also checked into surgery on these issues and was advised against as it is almost impossible by surgery to adjust back to balance. Its not like trim pot adjustments in electronics where one simply tunes out the offendor.

best wishes, good luck and all the best!

THanks so much for the great information. This 3m . prism do u need a script for it. Or is it just a test to see if it helps? I’m hoping this is not permanent but if it is there’s hope. I think until I find put if this not going to correct it self I will use a patch. It’s very hard to enjoy seeing double. Reading is fine distance is not. I see the doctor tomorrow. I will let u know how it went. I really do appreciate ur input. Talk soon


I do not know whether these are prescription. My guess is they are not.

Usually folks try eye exercises to get eye to correct. That was hopeless in my case and as brain did not re-plumb the spot nailed in central cortex by stroke permanently, I needed this fix.

The general comments seem to walk around - give it time, it may take 6 months etc.

The prism's come in small square sheets which one after identifying the correct orientation for your eye to correct properly - vertical/horizontal and use soapy water that enables one to easily move around and when it dries it sticks to your glasses with molecular attraction. No glue.

To remove add water and slip off.

My specialist was Agape Optical at 501 Marin Street Suite 205
Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 805-373-3937
email Agape.Ctr@verizon.net

James B. Mayer, OD, FCOVD, Center Director

my name is James W. Snell

I will not know the strength in prism to correct as has to be found experimentally trying different correction factors samples of prisms

Agape specializes in helping all those with learning difficulties due to eye issues and defects. They certainly helped me!
Maybe 3M can help.

Best wishes and good luck!

I was going to say that it sounds like it might be an eye muscle tracking issue.

Glad to see some one else had the same thought, it might be due to be bruising from the surgery, or the injection. Hopefully it will resolve on its own.

If not the kind of resources that Jim was able to find should be available some where in your area. Your optho should be able to hook you up if turns out this is going to be a long-term issue.

Jim was the stroke due to the lucentis? I know they say it can cause stroke. I was told if I didn’t get the shot the bleeding would not stop. So what else can u do. One shot in right eye in Pa. Then came to NY for the surgery. Another shot was given during the operation. I’m wondering if it was the 2nd shot. Only 2 weeks apart. I guess I will never know. But I see well so I am pretty happy. The other eye has some problems too. But just watching for now. Maybe laser? I will let u know how it goes. Vikki


Apologies. Stroke was due to as best as this layman can gather
was due to liver pumping out excess glucose that crystallized out and got calcified in a bad spot in Lizard brain ( central cortex)
that body could not clear nor bypass.

Your case is different but ending up in similar issues. We - I pray that with time this will clear but you indicate there was an operation on your eye. The other res-ponder indicates some possible issues.

Blessings with your search and success finding relief from this fracas!

Thank you for sharing and wish you every success!

Hi Just got back from the Drs. Still see double. He said that it could be the eye trying to adjust to using the muscle. He said because the muscle was not used because of the blocked vision because of the blood. He said he believes it will clear up. I guess it’s a wait and see. Hopefully not double. Ha ha. I am so glad u told me about the prism. At least I have a backup. It definitely the muscle. I so appreciate ur help. I would like to add u to my friends list Talk soon Vikki.

Hi Hobbit u r right it’s the muscle. If it’s because of the Lucentis shot or the surgery I will never know. But I have sight and I will deal with the double vision if I have too. Thanks for ur input very grateful for u and the community. Ttyl Vikki

Has your optho recommended any vision therapy? There are centers that provide evaluations and therapy plans/ vision exercises that can help encourage the "lazy" eye to track better. If it does not resolve on its own it is something to consider and is not invasive. You may need to look for holistic vision therapy to find it in your area.

Hi- vikki. My husband gets a shot of the lucentis in each eye once a month … He is in kidney failure due to not taking care of his type 2. The shots are doing amazing things for him. Last year he could hardly see and the shots have given him back the majority of his vision. He did complain of blurry vision for a few days in the more affected eye but has not had any side affects at all . One time he did get a blood spot that looked really scary for about a week but dr said he could have hit a blood vessel when he give the shot but that did nothing to his vision. Hang in there and see if there are exercises you could do to speed up the healing of the muscle .

Thank u for ur comment. I’m very glad ur husband had such good results. Yes we do live in a great time. I am very grateful for that. I have a question if u don’t mind. After the shots does ur husband have burning, itching and discomfort for days. I know I did. My eyes looked like I had conjunctivitis I am not sure if everyone gets it. But the shots do work. It stopped the bleed till I could get to NY for the surgery.
I’m sorry to hear ur husband is having problems with his kidneys. The same blood vessels that effect the eyes also effect the kidneys. This is a bad disease. There is no guarantee if we watch very closely we will not have complications. It depends how long we live with it. 30 yrs here. Very strong history with it. My mother died at 39 kidney failure. My aunt went blind at 55 also kidney failure. Grandfather blind no legs. All before laser, dialysis, and Lucentis shots. we are very lucky to have modern medical breakthroughs. Wishing u and ur husband continued good outcome.

Hi Hobbit He never told me anything except do some eye exercises. I think he really believes it is going to get better. I wish I was that optimistic. This has been a very scary month for me. And u and I know it’s never really over with this disease. Keep telling my self one day at a time. Sometimes it’s Very hard. Ttyl Vikki

I had a shot about 2 weeks ago. It was in my left eye and it did look a little red for a few days. I am glad that your surgery went well Vikki and lets hope that the double vision is just a temporary thing.

Vikki- he says sometimes it is worse the next morning but clears up quickly,but never itching. But remember everyone is different . Stay positive and you will have a positive outcome:). That’s some family history, that must have all been crazy . He has been doing the shots for over a year so give it time.

Hi Gary Yes it did go well thanks. Glad it’s over was not so bad. It took about 5 days for the eye to look back to normal. Not much pain was expecting worse. Nice to hear from u again.

Hummingbird U are right everyone is different. It’s worth the little irritation when it helps. Gary has a little poem he posts. Always makes me smile. Maybe he will post it again. Ha ha
Talk again Vikki

Gary will u post ur cross my heart poem for us. Always makes me smile