Has anyone heard this one?

I attended a meeting on Monday at the diabetes UK headquarters in London. The purpose was to work on an on-line tool designed to help volunteers put pressure on health centres, which should result in improved services,to patients, throughout the UK during a major upheaval in the NHS.
I think the tool will be worth while when it's up and running.
Over lunch [we were offered sandwiches and rolls, of which I ate only the fillings] We chatted. All the delegates were long term diabetics.
On chap told me his hospital clinic doctor had thrown a "wobbly" when he said he ate almost no carbs. She explained to him that some carbs go straight to the brain and that in an intensive sudy at their hospital[ I didn't find out which one] They found that ALL low carbers succumbed to severe depression which wouldn't go away. I've never read of this study and I'm not inclined to believe it. I have experience of low carbers world-wide and the ones I know all feel very positive about its effects.
My instinctive reaction was that yet again a doctor was trying to keep hold of power over treatment and out of the control of a patient.
I'd be every interested if someone has heard of such a study.

I've read the Australian study, which is about weight loss. It does say that the findings need re-thinking in the context of controlling Diabetes. I've not yet located the OXford study, but note that in the summary you posted, that the effect was measurable, but mild in women fighting depression.
Since edpression is common in Diabetes anyway, I still think that doctor was trying to keep control of the patient in question qnd prevent his attempts at self-management. This may not have been a conscious decision on the doctor's part, but I have observed doctors saying things which were "iffy" to patients who try to keep the control in the=ir own hands.

What a noble project.

Never heard of this study, but have heard some wacky half-baked suppositions to demonize low carb. What makes me depressed is hearing news like this:) Quite a statement that all low carbers experience severe depression. Sounds like a variation on the misinformed "your brain will starve" on low carb. Of course, the brain functions on glucose, but what fails to be considered is gluconeogenesis. From a purely personal anecdotal account, I've never felt depressed on low carb. Actually, I felt fatigued, moody & depressed on high carb.