Has anyone noticed their blood glucose levels running lower on flexeril and ultram

I've just recently started taking flexeril and ultram for chronic low back pain. I've noticed since I've started taking both of these meds I've really had to decrease my basal rates...a LOT. I've also had to adjust my I:C ratio too. Has anyone taken these medications and noticed similar effects? I looked up side effects and hypoglycemia was not listed among them.

I’ve never taken Ultram, but have used Flexeril for several years. I only take it at night, but I have never noticed any BG-lowering effects from it.

I suppose one argument might be that if you are having less pain, then you are having less stress and that might lower your BG. But like everything with diabetes, that’s just a guess.

Haha yes I can only take Flexeril at night too. Makes me totally loopy. But Im going to be having knee surgery soon, and Vicodin doesn't have much effect on me, and I want to um save the Percocet for knee surgery and not just ongoing chronic back pain. So ultram and flexeril it is. LOL and like everything with diabetes we ALL very. I thought it might just be a fluke, but I had to cut my basal rates way back, and I notice if I dont take the ultram or flexeril I start running higher. Weird.