Has anyone toilet trained a child on the Omnipod?

I was thinking I would have to keep the omnipod on her arm during the training (normally we have it on her lower back). Did your child have any problems with the omnipod on the lower back - pulling their pants up and down? I was wondering if there was any tips from anyone who has been through it. Are there any things to watch out for just with diabetes? Will she have more accidents? When she is high or low is she more likely to have accidents?


Celeste, I’ve never had a child to worry about but as an adult I don’t wear my omnipod on my back (or bottom) below the waistline of my pants because I have never figured out how not to knock it off (I’ve only tried 3x but have accidentally removed it each time while changing/etc.) I often use the lower back above the pants line (which may not be feasible depending on her size) or my arms. I have found that if it’s on my lower stomach below the waistline of the pants I have less trouble keeping it on. I hope you get some feedback from someone who’s actually been in your position but as an adult I have trouble with that spot.

I have never heard of that as an alternative use. My experience has only been using it for insulin delivery…hehehe…sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Good luck…what an adventure you live! No experience with a toddler on the pod…just on the pot. Do people still bribe with M&M’s and Disney Princess big girl panties?


It is hard finding locations on her - they don’t want us using her stomach yet (never asked why - assumed it had to do with bending and lack of fat at this point) - we basically just use her arms and her lower back . We were having problems with the arms so we have almost exclusively been using the lower back - but now we have had a few “bad installs” and I am thinking we should rotate all four locations to give each area a longer rest because it is hard to keep the cannula locations an inch away from each other. The good thing is that she is growing all the time so this will get easier.

I love that thought - it is an adventure! SHe is going to be a toughie to train - she has shown almost no interest in going on the potty - even though she is one of only two not trained in her preschool class. I know I bribe with whatever works - we got her panties already but she was not interested in them. I will have to find what works for her.

I guess M&M’s was a stupid idea. Your little girl is precious. Again, good luck with the training. She might get it overnight…seems the ones slow to try, catch on all at once.

I actually think M & Ms would motivate her - just trying to keep her away from the sugar as much as possible - this toddler thing with D is crazy - she has to get about 150 carbs a day to keep growing properly but I am trying to keep her away from the sweets so later in life she won’t have a hard time reducing her carbs.

I give you all the credit in the world…dealing with a toddler is so hard. I can’t imagine throwing Diabetes into the mix. I just saw an organic line of frozen baby food at Target. The carrot fries looked interesting. 20 some grams of carbs per serving (probably tiny toddler sized amount.) Have you seen/tried them?

Celeste, I a mom to a 4 year old who was dx at the age of 2 1/2. We became Omnipod users 3 months later, while we were potty training. We played with different areas on Rob’s body to help us determine which site was good during this time. We found his bottom was best. If he had troubles pulling up his underwear over the pod he would ask for help. He may had only 2 or 3 incidents when he did pull off the pod. We did have to alternate spots after awhile and we used his inner thigh as another spot. Both areas worked great for us. We would love to try Rob’s arms but they are too skinny and don’t have much fat. I feel that you just need to experiment different areas and see what works best for you and your child. Good luck!

The great thing about children is they are little sponges who learn very quickly. As you work through the process of training her, I would not alter the site. You will probably be with her in the early attempts, so each time just tell her to lift her panties out away from the Pod when she pulls them down (just like adults do) and to lift them out and over the Pod when she pulls them up. Once she learns the routine, she will do it without thinking. I use my abdomen often, and it just becomes so routine that I even do so when the Pod is on my arm or located above the waistline! Make watching out for the Pod part of her training and she will never know otherwise.