Has anyone tried Arnica for lowering blood sugar? It works for me!

I think if you compare the survival rate of breast cancer victims in the 1970s and now, that alone will speak volumes about the efficacy of chemotherapy. In fact, that is what phase 2 human drug trials are for- to make sure that a drug provides some benefit. If no benefit is seen beyond what the control group experiences, the drug is not approved.

Vaccination is not perfect. But it is a hell of a lot better than not having any vaccines at all! Influenza alone would kill tens of thousands more people each year if not for that single annual vaccine. What about polio? There’s something you probably would not want to experience. I know a very small number of people, relatively speaking, are harmed by vaccines, but many, many more would suffer death and debilitating injuries if we did not use them.

I have not heard of Harvard Medical School mandating homeopathy as a course. Nor could I find any mention of that on the web. What I did find was that Harvard Medical School did a study on irritable bowel syndrome, where sufferers were given an “extreme placebo”- and found that it worked. According to one study, half of US doctors prescribe placebos in the form of vitamins or simple OTC analgesics because often they are effective. The AMA has no problem with this, and it is a widespread practice around the globe.

I wonder if a placebo stops working once you realize it is a placebo? It would be an interesting thing to look into!

where ever your faith is… all of that is my point. there is no creditable evidence of why chemotherapy works, but it seems to. that makes it antidotal, and it also makes it worth pursueing. i am not bashing vaccines, nor am i bashing cancer treatments. i am just saying that i think that what ever seems to work for people, should be tried. i am not even bashing the ama, except that they seem to have the monopoly… no no, bill gates you can’t do that, but the ama can (nor am i bashing/promoting bill gates) all that i am saying is that scientific evedence can not be found for a lot of things that work, so don’t discount something just because there is not cause or reasn in our limited understanding of things… we really don’t get it yet…