Has Anyone tried the Asante Snap?

I have pretty much "had it" with the pump I am using (the Omnipod) and am seriously considering the option...I got an email (dont know how they got my inormation....but it worked) Selling the Asante Snap" pump, it is new and looks pretty good. Anyone try it yet?

I'm sorry ...that should read "Has anyone tried the Asante Snap. Just had some eye surgery and it is making tying difficult.

hi Steve, here's some feed back on the snap, and it includes a video of the interview we had here with the CEO

yikes, eye surgery, hope it was a success, I'll fix the title for you.

Thanks, Marie!

Thank You for the reference,

Hi Steve,

I've been using the Snap since May after being invited to try it for 4 weeks for free. I've taken great pride in having the advantage of wearing all the available pumps over the years and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn about this new comer to the market. My anticipation was that this was not going to be an impressive device however, I was so wrong. The most impressive things to me are how easy the screen is to read without my reading glassed, day or night. The ease of managing the user interface. The ease of changing the cartridge which is a 300 unit pre-filled glass insulin pen cartridge. The way the tubing is primed as you attach the tubing; just twist it on and it pushes insulin through to the end of the tubing. And you have a solid 300 units to go until the cartridge is empty. No worries regarding batteries or charging as the battery is built into the pump body which is changed after the cartridge is empty. It's lightweight and fits nicely in my pocket of my running belt. Anyway, many great features and very accurate delivery. It even has a built in flashlight. Give it a try as the 4 week demo is free and you have nothing to lose. All the best...

I wonder if Asante's free 4 week trial was due to learning from the t:slim debut when Tandem tried to roll out their pump with a "no trial, no money back guarantee" policy. I think they eventually walked that back but I was never clear on their policy. Due to that policy, I decided to get another Animas Ping. The Snap is getting good reviews from the few non-biased sourcesI respect, DiabetesMine and Wil Dubois. Wil, on his website, Life After Dx did a whole series of days of reviews. (scroll back to early August)

I also watched the TuD video chat with the Asante CEO. I was impressed with his style and ability to communicate his pump's features. He used to work for MiniMed (Medtronic).

BTW, it only works with Humalog.

I would be tempted to take a chance on this company. The biggest risk is the "new company" risk. Will Asante survive against its much larger rivals? If they go out of business, then you'll have a pump with questionable support and supplies. If you're dependent on insurance paying then you might have to wait for the 4 year anniversary of your purchase to get a replacement.

Thanks for these bits of info on the Asante Snap pump, Bill and Terry. Looks to me like the reservoir is the big plus and selling point. I have been trying to find out what insulin is in that cartridge so I really appreciate the BTW, Terry! That does give me pause - when a pump company has only one option for the most necessary part of the device.

Thanks Terry-
What Ive really been wondering is do you have to fill the cartridge yourself, or do they come they come prefilled? If they come prefilled, how do you get them? Who do you contact? Is it easy?

They come pre-filled. I understand that these are same glass cartridges that are used to fill the popular pen devices that MDI’ers use. A big advantage for the Snap is avoiding having to fill any cartridge. All the hassle with bubbles and the time it takes is eliminated.

They did change the policy, just FYI. You can return it within 30 days. I have it in writing!

Thanks for making the record clear. That was a smart move on their part but their initial no-trial no-return policy hurt them.

Did you get a t:slim? How do you like it? If they had a 4-week trial policy like Asante, I would give it a go.

I just sat with the local (VA) rep and I like what I saw. I will be doing the 30 free trial as soon as I can and I will fill anyone in who is interested.

I did! I just started using it two days ago, though, so I don't have a ton of feedback yet. So far I like it, and it "looks" really cool. I miss having a remote (I was on the Animas before), but I didn't want to get another Ping, and none of the other "remoted" options felt great to me.

Good luck with your new pump. I hope it works well for you!

I peek in on the t:slim group here from time to time to see what's going on.

Terry - Asante Solutions has a contract with Lilly for use of their Humalog pen cartridges (which is the insulin I use) and is working to gain the same with Novo Nordisk for Novolog. The advantages of using a pen cartridge are: easy to prepare for low cartridge/empty cartridge change as it's so easy to fit in the meter bag; glass pen holds 315 units so after tubing is primed you end up with 300 units. far less hassles as you don't have to fill anything, just drop it into the pump body and twist the tubing cap onto the the cartridge and it fills (primes) the tubing as you twist it on. quick and easy and a time and hassle saver.

So the cartridge is a Humalog pen cartridge?? As others have said, filling the res is not that big a deal - at least for me. Not being able to use the insulin I prefer is. I hope they make way to contract with all of the fast acting insulin products.

Thanks for the link. I am not the CEO BTW. I am the Chief Product Architect. Fancy title but it means, I have a really fun job.