Has anyone with frozen shoulder experienced their arm falling asleep at night?

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder about 10 months ago. I would say I am somewhere between stage 2 & 3 (some of that may be wishful thinking). I no longer have the intense pain I had the first few months. I did PT for several months but am now just doing stretches at home. I have been pushing harder these last few days - intent on getting back my range of motion. The newest “symptom” is my arm falling asleep when I’m in bed asleep. I don’t think it’s the position of my arm, because it has happened in different positions. The “tingling” and tightness is mostly in my lower arm, wrist and fingers. Anyone else experience this?

I have had frozen shoulder once in the left and then the right arm. I did not have any tingling or falling asleep for either, just pain. But I have had that symptom when I had carpal tunnel. Depending on the angle of your wrist, at onset, and later it doesn’t matter you can have pain and tingling going up your arm. Does your hand fall asleep too? The first symptom of carpal tunnel is numbness or tingling in you thumb and first 2 fingers. If it is your outer 3 fingers it has to do with your ulna nerve aka funny bone nerve.

Good luck!

I had frozen shoulder that lasted about 2 years. My Dr. wanted to do surgery and I refused. I did some PT then finally started taking some glucosamine. I took it for 3 months and totally got my range of motion back. I can now cross my arms and put on a coat without help!! I never experienced the “tingling” you are though.

Yep. That would be an impingement, as in shoulder impingment. I have ongoing issues with these, but mine are mostly not frozen shoulder but from exercise. An impingement, then inflammation of the shoulder joint causes swelling which compresses the nerves which is the source of the numbness. The biggest factor is how you are sleeping. I found if I slept on my side, I had trouble. Since I also snore (or so my wife claims), that leaves me only able to sleep on my stomach when my shoulders are bad.

I also took to sleeping with a heating pad and it seemed to help. You may also find that NSAIDs like tylenol and ibuprofen can bring down some of the swelling and avoid the impingement.