Has Dexcom stopped smoothing?

Suddenly it’s jumpy, up and down with each five minute refresh. It used to smooth itself, even changing prior values to fit a smoother transition. But not any more. Has anyone else noticed that?

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I have not noticed this, but use xDrip and T-Slim pump display.

Are you using phone app or receiver?
Was there an app update?

Assume you are using G6.

When it jumps like that it usually means the sensor is bad or didn’t go in all the way when you installed it.

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It’s the phone app.
I wondered if it’s a sensor issue. I had a headache despite the sensor reading in the normal range (I used to head headaches from lows that lasted any length of time) but the calibration was right on.
I don’t want to change the sensor out if it’s not malfunctioning.

I haven’t seen the jumpiness. Are you seeing reading gaps? If so, that would point to a wonky sensor.

Mine does acrobatics on it’s last day of life, when the reagent is used up. That’s how I know it’s time to change the sensor that I usually run for 30 days. My last one I changed at 20 days, though, because the graph looked like shotgun scatter. It was long expired, though.

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That’s what I was seeing. Day 4 only! So no gaps but not smoothed, like it was depicting “raw data” if that makes sense.

It seems more consistent today.

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My BG curves on my iPhone and in Clarity are extremely difficult to interpret without smoothed data. Is there any way to rollback the Follow App to go back to smoothed data? Or to display smoothed data in Clarity?

New graphs look look more the Medtronics (Guardian) CGM graphs than the previous displays of Dexcom smoothed data.

Mine have started to be jumpier too. At 89 then a drop to 79, increase in 5 minutes to 95, another 95 in 5 minutes, then back down to 84 and steadily staying there. It’s kind of weirder seeing it. So 2 dots dropped, 2 dots high and back to 5 points of where I started.

Thank you for the link @Brian_J to explain it. There must be a reason they decided to stop smoothing the data. It could be I’m just not used to it, but I liked the smoothing line better.

If your sensor is faulty it won’t smooth. If you are jumping around. It’s a sign your sensor is failing

I get skipped data when my sensor is going, plus it will start to be off in readings This sensor I just restarted is very accurate. I read the link @Brian_J posted and it explains it. The nice smooth line versus the small jumps. Dexcom has a picture of the two to compare, it fits what I’m seeing.