Has Dexcom's customer service gone to heck? Or worse?

I think they are about as similar as a Toyota and Corvette meaning they are made for different customers. That’s why I say they are not real direct competitors

Hey all,

I came looking here because I’m getting terrible customer service from Dexcom right now, for the first time in my 6+ years of using it, AND I’m currently participating in a study that compares CGMs.

The customer service issue is important but has already been discussed at length in this thread, SO… the study. For the last 5 days I’ve been wearing a G5, a G6, a Libre and a new, yet-unapproved sensor from Biolinq. In normal life I use (and like!) the G6, but I no longer trust it. Convenient, yes. The spring-loaded inserter and no calibrations had me at hello. But it has CONSISTENTLY been the slowest and least accurate of the 4 systems being compared in this study. I’m pretty shocked, because I’ve been a Dexcom devotee for years, but I’m getting thoroughly disillusioned with it.


Is the Biolinq picking up the BG from sweat?

Sorry to hear how badly the G6 is working for you. I hope if/when I’m forced off of the G5 onto the G6, that I don’t have the kinds of issues I’ve seen so many people write about. On the flip side, I’ve read tons of posts (not here!) from folks who rave about how great the G6 is.

For us the absolutely biggest single advantage (of the G6) is it allows the Basal-IQ algorithm to operate.


Tim, gals don’t sweat: they “perspire”. :slight_smile:

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My bad.

I stand corrected.


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Last Friday I realized that I had not received my March shipment. When I called customer service the call was picked by a lady in the Philippines who spoke good English. I explained the problem to her. She looked up my records and agreed. She put a expedited order in and the next day I received a confirmation of the order and the order was sent out with 3 day delivery. I am happy with my experience.

Thanks for this, @EmilyC. Good to see you here again.

I’ve been using Dexcoms for 10 years now. I don’t know how I managed before then. I’m hanging back on the G4 and I’m happy with the accuracy and precision. I use Loop, so I need a reliable CGM. I’m part of the Medicare crowd, so I don’t have G6 access.

I am pleased you had such good service from Dexcom customer support. However, that is not the case with everyone. I have been with Dexcom since 2007 and usually have monthly shipments until this year. I am on Medicare and this year alone, I have received one box of sensors, 3 boxes of test strips (150) and repeated calls to Dexcom have produced nothing. I have a transmitter that has approximately 7 days left and I have one more sensor. I have contacted Dexcom many times. Each time I call them I get a different excuse as to why I don’t have my order.

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I have been receiving good service from Dexcom customer support (both Philippines and US) and am also on Medicare monthly replenishment. The change that appears to have been made at the end of last year is that Dexcom no longer sends you the monthly email with a link to their website store that processed the direct medicare orders. Monthly orders now need to be called in.

My last order taken in the Philippines had an error where they made up 1 order for the sensors and 1 for the strips which looked like a duplicate order at shipping so they canceled the second order. When no strips arrived, I called them and they next day sent by FedEx the strips out. So all in all service is more cumbersome but still good. It is also interesting to note that when I call, sometimes I get answered in the Philippines and sometimes in New Mexico so not all calls have yet been moved to Asia.

So far this year I have received 5 sensors and 3 boxes of 50 test strips and that’s all. When my transmitter dies, I will be without my Dexcom CGM for the first time in over 12 years. Kind of sad and yet there is nothing I can do about it.

Yes, you can do lots of follow up and you will get results. A lot of things got screwed up this year between Medicare and Dexcom and the patients.

  1. Call Dexcom and confirm that all your Name, address and phone number are correct.
  2. Confirm that they have your latest Medicare number. Lots of patients got delayed supplies because Medicare changed from using Social Security number to their new Medicare numbering system.
  3. Make sure your email address is correct and not bouncing emails from Dexcom. or putting them in your Spam box.
  4. Make absolutely sure that your doctor has provided Dexcom with doctor notes within past 90 days if you are on a pump or within last 180 days if you are not on pump.
  5. Ask them how soon your order will be processed.
  6. Ask them how soon you will get an email with your order confirmation.
  7. If you don’t get your email confirmation promptly, like within 48 hours, re-contact Dexcom and tell them you placed order 2 days ago and not yet confirmed.
    Biggest delays tend to be due to verification of latest Medicare number does not match your previous one on file and late doctor notes.
    Follow this and I am willing to bet you will get your supplies within 3 business days by FedEx after they have your correct Soc Sec number verified which takes about 48 hours and your doctor notes.

What CJ said.

They must have meant “Medicare number”.

The trap many fell into on Dexcom delays, including me, is that until January 2019 Dexcom was shipping supplies to medicare on their old medicare number which was the Social Security number. That had to be corrected and changed to the new Medicare Number found on the Medicare Card. Corrected post - Thank you

Yes, Thank you - Corrected post

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Then their are the comments from their recordings while you wait about system changes ,that they have made many recent improvements…NO they have not.

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Rome is quite literally burning.

I vary seldom need to call them but when I do I always have a fair to good experience. Guess I am lucky.