Has this happened to anyone else? – Son's Omnipod poked my finger

I was changing out my 9 year-old son’s pod the other day. I was putting it on his belly. He is very thin with no fat on his body especially his belly. I was pinching up the skin waiting for the injection. When the injection happened I felt a pop and a sting. When I pulled my hand away my finger was bleeding. The injection needle had penetrated his folded skin, came out the other side and into my finger. I still can’t figure out exactly how it happened. I guess I didn't have my fingers far enough to the side when I was pinching up the skin. We replaced the pod initially because I wasn't confident that the cannula had inserted properly. When I got the pod off you could clearly see where the needle went in and where it went out again nearby.

This totally happened to me the first time I used the smaller pods. They moved the location of the needle to a new angle as opposed to being at the bottom of the pod, which meant that when pinching up, I managed to get my finger stuck.

Wow! I haven’t heard of this before. We don’t pinch up though, so not at risk.

I do have a scar on my middle finger where the fill needle pierced me - that was just me being a klutz. Actually, two scar - entry and exit! Ouch!