Has your dawn phenomenon changed?

I was wondering if anyone has had their dawn phenom change over time?

When I first went on the pump in 1999 my midnight to 7AM basal looked like this:
12A - 3A = 0.3u/hr
4A - 7A = 1.1u/hr

After I retired in 2005, I reduced the 4A - 7A to 0.9

In late 2008 I tweaked it a bit more so it now looks like this:

12A - 3A = 0.4u/hr
4A - 7A = 0.7u/hr

Since making this last change my 3AM checks have been lower and I have had fewer lows in the morning. I have concluded that my “dawn phenomenon” has ended and wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I no longer have work-related stress?

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Fair Winds,

I am .8 u/h up until 2:00 am, when I go to .9. At 3 I go to .95, and back to .9 at 5 am until 9 am. After that I go back to .8. Two months ago I was at .8 u/h all the time. This has worked perfect for me. Also, a change in infusion sets have made this a lot easier. With Quicksets I run higher and unpredictable. This means that I am not consistent with my morning numbers. When using Sure T’s I run lower and I don’t need to keep adjusting all the time. I stay very even and consistent. I am in the process of getting rid of my Quick sets and getting them replaced with the ST’s for the reasons stated above (and other things).

I also have had dp for over 30 years, and it seems to cycle every few months - rages and then calms. Seems unrelated to any other factors. Right now I’ve been in a calm period for a couple of months and it’s lovely.

i will bet that “chronic stress” has a lot to do with the dp. from what i understand dp is from your body releasing hormones that you need for the day. if your day is chronically stressful your body would release alot of stuff for it…i will bet that a long term drop in stress would change the dawn phenomena… very interesting…
on a different note, all of the numbers that i see here seem so low. my basal is set to 1.6u/h in the early am to meet the dp

So I went to see my endo for my annual check-in today and she confirmed my hypothesis, saying that I clearly had a stress-related dawn effect.

lev, my total daily numbers have come down pretty significantly since retiring. I also eat less and probably exercise more, so the combo of lower stress, lower calories and more exercise have created a triple play to reduce my basal and bolus reqs.

Fair Winds,