Has your meter ever said this?

Haha it hasn’t, but I think both me and my meter have thought it many times :stuck_out_tongue:

it would be nice if it could say how we feel!

Do you remember last year when someone (“Bunny” something, I haven’t seen him/her on here for a while,) decided we should call T1 “CRAP?” … Catastrophic Random Attack on The Pancreas. Bernard wrote a faux press release on his blog announcing the new name but stated a concern about possible confusion between CRAP and T2 Diabetes. T2, #2, Get it? That might have been the first time a Diabetes related topic made me LOL.

HAHA this is funny :slight_smile:

I just found Bernard’s faux press release. You can read it here!

If you search for “CRAP” on Bernard’s diabetes search engine, this is the first hit!