Hate is a strong word

…so instead of using “I hate” I will use “I wish”…I try not to use the word hate, to me it’s one of those four letter words…so, here it goes!

I wish…I could go one day without counting what I put in my mouth
I wish…I could wake up and not have to wonder why my BS is high
I wish…I could lose the weight I need to lose
I wish…I could have no worries about what may come
I wish…I could have someone in my life who knew what I was going through
I wish…I could go a week without pricking and sticking
I wish…I could get a break from my 'd’
I wish…I could come up with a cure RIGHT NOW
I wish…I could go to the store and not have to tote all my supplies around
I wish…I could go through one day without someone telling me that they know how I feel…they have no clue
I wish…I could use the bathroom without someone asking if I am ok
I wish…I could get people to understand what it’s like to get through ONE day
I wish…I could eat my food without people asking me if I should be eating that
I wish…I could go to just one doctor and hear something postive
I wish…I could get an answer for an unexplained high/low
I wish…I could go a day without seeing blood
I wish…I could not get angry when people compare their problems with mine
I wish…I could stop playing this guessing game of when something will happen
I wish…I could be treated normally, even if I do have "d"
I wish…I could get through this with out the "trial and error"
I wish…I could just feel “normal” again

I hear you. Good attitude though… and know that there are people who understand!! It helps to remember that you are not alone!

I wish a lot of things, but like Debb says, don't want to go down that road. It only brings me down and right now that is not something I need to do. But what you have said is worth more than you know. Thanks

i wish… I weren’t so depressed.
I feel … alone
I realize… after reading just these few comments, that I am not.
I know I am not alone.
Thank you. I can build on that.