Have Humalog list prices actually dropped in past few months?

Ancient baseline: In 1982 when I was diagnosed, a vial of R or N was $8. My insurance co-pay was $5 so usually I didn’t bother to do the insurance paperwork and just paid the $8. So all the prices I mention below are obscenely high but ignore this little wayback machine interjection.

It’s been a few decades since I bought insulin without insurance but I try to (at least a couple times a year) keep up on what the full list prices of my insulin are.

In the past year, my research showed a vial of Humalog to be around $330 (a sharp step up from the previous year which was a sharp step up from the year before that.)

But I just made some phone calls and local pharmacies now charge $250.

This is a modest improvement? Maybe due to activism and media pressure? It’s still obscenely high, just a slightly smaller number?

Good question. I have a complicated answer.

Things are in flux. List price is different than actual price.
Note: I didn’t pay anything (with insurance) this year, over $25 per vial. Humalog paid my deductible. But, that’s because the state on MN is suing the manufacturers.
Colorado implemented OOP price caps. MN is scared that they will get sued in return if they do that. Its very dependent on which state you live in. You may need to post the question to other people within your specific state, which makes it hard to get much response.

Mayo clinic is leading a crusade here. So are patient groups (although through different strategies). The state of MN has its own plan and has implemented legislation against the PBM’s. Media pressure has been high here. So, overall, its kinda all over the map.

Humalog offered to drop prices by 1/3 rd. I believe that’s what your seeing at the counter.

I also check prices but use GoodRX as a better estimate of OTC cost rather than list price.