Have Pump - Training a month away - ArGHHHHHH

What a fight it was to get the pump. Now I have it in my hot little hands and I can’t get trained til June 10th. I have to tell you I am not very happy right now and my patience is being tested beyond belief. enhance your calm enhance your calm. Ok. I’m better now.

JJ Relax,

I got my pump a month before my first class also. It was my first and it gave me a change to push buttons, go thru the materials, do the CD training and so on. Trust me it will get here quick Good Luck!

There are some of us who didn’t wait for training…

I’ve done itall. Online training, CD training, read all the manuals… Need to get my prescriptions updated so I can get the new test strips and more insulin…

Know exactly how you feel. But don’t get yourself so worked up in a state of anticipation that you have a let-down on the other side! It takes a while to get into the swing of pumping. We even had to deal with a set of malfunctioning insulin cartridges in our first week, with all the attendant high blood sugars… it was almost a month of hard work before we finally started to see the steadier blood sugars we had wanted from the pump in the first place. It’s not a magic bullet by any means, so adjust your expectations accordingly (although, the flip side is, once you get into the swing of it, it’s a WHOLE lot better than needles, IMHO!)

My training date has been moved up to May 28 with a projected live pumping date of June 2. Thanks for the support.