Have you ever fooled your monitor?

I have some test strips that were fine yesterday and this morning they say they are outdated. (Optium test strips) I’m not sure if this happens with other
monitors or not. I got that E-6 error and had to go find the book to see what was wrong. When I realized the test strips were outdated; I chose to reset my monitor… the date that is! LOL! The company that makes them wants to make sure you spend your money! Now, I’ve got 4 and half boxes that are outdated. hmmm… I need teststrips and money is tight. The answer became very simple to me. Reset the date on the monitor and test!
It worked. I got the normal number for my morning number that I usually get.
Has anyone else ever done this?

Interesting - I’ve found exactly the opposite. With Freestyle and One Touch strips, I’ve tested strips as long as two years expired against current strips, and against each other, and never found the expired ones to go off, though I imagine they do eventually.

On the other hand, I’ve had non-expired strips yield wildly variable results sometimes - two sequential tests giving readings 100 points off, etc., though some have suggested this may be due to blood pooling or other causes unrelated to the strip.

The Optium monitor refuses to allow use of outdated teststrips… the only way around was to change the date of the meter so that the teststrips “looked in proper date.”


I haven’t done that yet. I hope this works for you… Maybe with any luck, the new health care stuff going on in Washington will eventually help you to get the supplies you need.

I"m doing ok. Don’t worry. Money is tight; I am managing. I just wondered if anyone else had “fooled the monitor” to make things last a bit longer.
Like I said… It worked just fine last night. The machine is programed to not accept 1 day past the expiration. It seems to me like a waste to just toss out.

Interesting! I haven’t found it to be the case at all - and I’ve double tested myself with Freestyle against One Touch, expired and non-expired on both sides, dozens of times. Hmmmm.