Have you gotten a flu shot yet? Why or why not?

In 2010, people with diabetes accounted for 15% of flu-related hospitalizations (and 19% of flu-related deaths in the United States). Yet people with diabetes make up only about 8 percent of the U.S. population (according to the Centers for Disease Control).

We compared reports of flu immunization in the past year from the Fall 2010 TuAnalyze survey with reports of flu immunization among US adults from the CDC monitored in the same time period. We compared our data to the CDC data for three groups considered at “high risk” for flu complications: adults 18-49 years old with a health problem (such as diabetes), all adults aged 50-64, and all adults 65 or older.

While TuAnalyze users report a higher level of flu immunization than seen in the CDC monitoring system* (see the bar chart below), 36% of 18-49 year olds and 24% of persons aged 50 and above who answered the TuAnalyze survey are not immunized against the flu.

Did you get your flu shot? Why or why not?

*2009-2010 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and 2009 H1N1 Flu Survey (http://www.cdc.gov/flu/professionals/vaccination/coverage_0910estimates.htm)

yes I got mine, feel like it was a mistake injecting my body with the swine flu one, it is gone and the hype was a big medi hype, so all the lacck of not feeling good better go away from me or I am never getting a Flu shot again!

I always get the flu shot now. One dance with the flu (four years ago) and I’m done with that mess if I can do anything to avoid it.

It almost killed me.

No, and I won’t. Flu shots are notoriously ineffective, are not without their side effects, and are less effective than a healthy immune system nourished by the same diet that is so effective at keeping insulin resistance down. That is to say, wholesome natural foods and a few supplements that aren’t found in mass produced foods these days, like selenium, chromium, vanadium, and zinc. Think I’m making this up? I haven’t been sick in over three years.

From the Centers for Disease Control:

– During flu epidemics, deaths among people with diabetes increase 5% to 15%.

– People with diabetes are 6 times more likely to be hospitalized with flu complications.

– Each year, 10,000 to 30,000 deaths among people with diabetes are associated with influenza and pneumonia.

The anti-vaccine hype-sters on the 'net aren’t doing you any favors! Get immunized, folks!

I do not get the flu shot. I haven’t in about 10 years. I don’t because I don’t believe it’s effective (according to medical literature) and the last time I had the flu (the only time I had the flu) was the one time I had the flu shot. So no, I’ll take my vitamin D which helps me not even catch a cold and go with a healthy lifestyle. It seems to work pretty well. I’ve taken care of people with the flu and not caught it as long as I have my vitamin D up and as long as I make sure to exercise and eat right. Oh and I wash my hands. I understand why others get the flu shot and why they have their kids take it, it’s just not what I choose to do.

I get it every year and still get really sick, not sure if its flu but messes me up bad. i had swine flu two years back and they wouldn’t take me in hospital as there was no isolation organised. I lost nearly 3 stone in weight, took months to put it back on. anyway i still get the jab

Nope. I’ve never gotten a flu shot.

I got my first flu shot in 2004 only because I almost kicked off in 2003 from a BAD Flu. It only takes once to get the BAD one. The shot doesn’t hurt and I get no side effects of any kind from it and no flu since(tw).

Yes, I always get a flu shot, and so does every member of my family. I don’t understand why people who seem otherwise intelligent insist on rejecting good science as though a flu shot were some kind of bogeyman under the bed.

Yes, I have gotten a flu shot since I was Dx w/ diabetes 12 years ago. I have never had any reaction nor gotten the flu.

I get the flu shot every year. I got my flu shot the year before last but I couldn’t get the H1N1 shot. I managed to get H1N1 (9 of us on the floor went down hard on Thanksgiving Day). My internist stresses the flu shot each year given my risk. I’ve never had more than a sore arm from it. I’ve been able to avoid the flu each year except for the H1N1 thing. And in that instance, it was as good as germ warfare. I figure getting immunized will also prevent me from passing it along. I take public transit everywhere so I’m kind of dancing with the devil.

I didn’t get flu shots when I was younger, but now I do, because risks go up as you age. I have asthma and don’t need any additional breathing problems. Plus it’s just a little jab in the arm, and has never affected me in any way – I’m never sick from it. But I also have never had the flu for as long as I can remember (including the 1957 Hong Kong flu epidemic), so I could be naturally immune to it, or else the flu shots are doing their job.

I have a yearly flu shot ( at no charge ) since diagnosed in 1983 ; also a pneumonia shot , which I need to get " updated " at our local Health Unit ( for a fee ) . Arm discomfort even less this last time ( Nov. 2010 ) . Never had the flu since late seventies . I do get colds … the times I fly seem to be the culprit . Maybe I can avoid getting a cold next time I travel by plane : someone suggested to put a dab of Polysporin into the nostrils ???
My husband , not living with D has been getting a flu shot for same length or possibly for a longer period .
We are both over age 70 :slight_smile:

I usually get the flu shot and got the H1N1 vaccine last year. In Hungary (where I am living), my OB-GYN did NOT recommend getting the flu shot in the first trimester of pregnancy. Her thoughts were that we don’t really know the effects of the flu shot and that I must just take strong measures to avoid getting the flu. Thankfully I didn’t get the flu during my pregnancy, just two colds!

I get a flu shot every year… It usually means the difference between a 2-3 day thing thats managable or a week of really being sick…

Got one last year but never got around to it this year. Hoping for the best.

I don’t get the flu shot. In 38 years of living I’ve never had the flu. 2 older brothers and 3 kids, so I have been around it. Just lucky I guess

My infant grand-nephew got H1N1 and ended up in the hospital last year. Maybe if the person who gave it to him had gotten their flu shot…

The herd is depending on your immunity, especially those who have egg allergies, the very young and pregnant women.

WYOmom, read the comment just below yours. By not vaccinating your children, you are endangering others. Ten babies have DIED of whooping cough (pertussis) because they were too young to be vaccinated, and some unvaccinated person brought it into their community. Do not believe Andrew Wakefield or Jenny McCarthy – they have been thoroughly discredited and debunked. Vaccines do NOT cause autism, and there is no mercury in them. This may sound harsh, but children dying of flu and pertussis is a lot harsher.