Have you noticed?

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the changes you are experiencing in your life? What you say, the world looks pretty much the same? Well I can assure you things are changing. How would I know? Well I know because the world is changing constantly. Here are some of my experiences of late.

Sheryl and I live in a tidy little neighborhood of duplex town houses. Of late I have been battling a roof leak. I have had contractor after contractor out to look things over. So far lots of words no action and the ceiling is ruined. My insurance company is sympathetic and will pay to repair the ceiling, but not the roof. So I am stuck half way. I cannot fix the ceiling and water damage (insulation, roof decking) because the roof is still leaking but the ceiling looks awful and getting worse. So today I am hoping to change that. We are getting our fourth, or is it fifth, contractor to look at the leak and tell us what to do. Yet every time I look at the growing spot I know that even though time and circumstances seem to have stopped, things are changing.

Across the street the neighborhood is about to change because a long time neighbor is putting their house up for sale. We will have both new neighbors soon in their house but also in their pair unit which sold last year and after the people who bought it moved in, they promptly left for Florida for the winter. Indeed the neighborhood is changing. It is amazing I have lived here 14 years and I do not even know their names.

My diabetes is changing as well. I have a new pump, new CGM and I am in a fight with Express Scripts over the need for the new meter, which is really the best part of the new system. In the end it will be fine but typical of change I am in a bit of a war over coverage for the new strips. So far those strips have been rejected twice and with each rejection I get a deeper resolve. Pretty soon I may start shouting but if it comes to that I will have surrendered the high ground. Have you noticed shouting really never works with mail order prescription companies? I mean where are you going to take your business if you get really angry? It is like yelling at the wall to move; in the end the wall has the more firm position.

My next argument, and it is coming, will be over the new sensors. Typical of the pump company they checked with the insurance company to make sure these sensors will be covered by my health plan. I have been assured my plan will cover the sensors and that all is well. I have no doubt that is the case. What I am not convinced of, is that the insurance company will remember anything about their reassurance when it comes time to actually cover the sensors. As I used to say when I was administering health plans for employers, all will be well until the claim hits the books. Again it will be fine, but one can sense (pun intended) some rocky territory ahead.

I think things are changing around TUDiabetes as well. We have so many more bloggers and the quality of the content is increasing with every day. That reflects a growing trend in the diabetic community, where blogging is just exploding. We just finished #DBlog week and wow there is some incredible new content out there. If you want to read most of the content check out the wonderful page compiled by Karen Graffeo at:


Each day bloggers from all over the world posted blogs about a pre-determined topic and most of the material is outstanding. I hope you will visit and maybe find a new blogger or two to follow. Of course, I truly think the epicenter of the blog community is right here, but I am prejudice. For various reasons our bloggers tend to be a bit more sporadic, a little more self-directed, and sometimes a bit more angry and sometimes a bit more wistful than the typical blogs. I am proud to support this platform and thrilled with the way our blogging community has stepped up to the plate. Yes things are changing here as well.

Speaking of change did anyone see the news this morning about the band spirit filing a lawsuit over the music that Led Zeppelin is credited with creating in their iconic song ‘Stairway to Heaven’. The band founders of Spirit have charged that Led Zeppelin plagiarized the music from the Spirit song ‘Taurus’. Attached is the song titled ‘Taurus’ by the band Spirit which was released in 1968 while the song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ also added was released in 1971. ‘Stairway to Heaven’ has reportedly earned around $568 million and is due for a major rerelease and in June 2014. I mean who knew? i think we have to agree the sound is very similar if not copied. Yes even the history of rock music may be about to change.



Wow rick who knew ? Never even heard of Spirit, but that melody is eerily familiar. I believe I may have heard it at some point in the drug haze of the 70's and 80's.

Clare, I thought I had heard it as well. But I think what I heard was the band spirit, not this particular song. The song I remember was released in 1968 and went to number 25 in the Billboard top 100 singles (Spirit (band), Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_%28band%29). If you watch this video check on the bass player directly behind the lead singer Mark Andes (bass). He looks like he got into an awful batch of LSD or something.

NOTE: Wikipedia is not considered an authoritative source.