Haven't a very good week since Tuesday afternoon!

On Tuesday afternoon, my dexcom vibrated and beepin to tell me I was low… So I did a finger stick and I was 31 then I check it again… I was 37… I got my blood sugar up to 114 then I went home… I check it again when I got home it was 130 and Dexcom said 135… I laid down cuz I was tired… On Wednesday, my blood sugar were doing good until worried and stress came on because my step-mom-in-law had a stroke and my friend Marilyn, her son, found out he has diabetes type 1… so my blood sugars were a little high around 200 to 250… Now my blood sugars are doing good… I’m going to see my dad in Lubbock tonight, a 6 1/2 hour drive… My youngest son is going… His Birthday is tomorrow… We’ll be back on Sunday mid afternoon… We are doing Christmas shopping and birhtday shopping with my dad… Fun Fun!