Having Surgery

I do tend to be driven. Sometime I can drive my family NUTS!

I Wish we had spell check. I hated when I look back at my spelling!!!

Hi Joe,
I am so glad everything went well for you. One thing I can say about the blood sugar is that pain makes mine bounce and sometimes a very high crazy bounce. As long as even the tenderness is present (Ha) I would expect to see different blood sugars. and even different reactiions to the normal amount of insulin you use. Just give it a while and it will go back to the way it was before. Another thing too that makes mine change is if I don’t rest enough afterwards. At least that is how my doctor explained it when i had pain under control. And don’t forget good protein intake for rapid healing benefit. Sorry, I don’t mean to be bossy. I am so glad all went well for you and that you are home
Blessings be to you

I have a hard time resting.That’s why i need you guys to keep me in line. You’re not being bossy, I asked for your advice. Hey, You guys got me through this!

Hey Joe,
As long as you don’t mind the “advice” here is some more. Why are you having a hard time resting? Are you not resting because you are hurting? Take the pain meds. They are important. Are you anxious, nervous? Take a minute and think about it. If that is the one and you think about it, you will know how to fix it. Is it because you want to be busy and have your hands doing something? Now is a great time for that big book you have wanted to read. Maybe it is particle physics or calculus. Just joking. Or maybe you may want to learn to sew. I have a family member (male) who does the most beautiful embroidery you can find anywhere. And his pieces sell for quite good prices too. At any rate, find the reason you are not resting and take care of it. We who have been hard working or very busy people need the down time as much as others do and it is often harder to do. But for your healing process it is of utmost importance. Even if surgery took no more than say one hour your body went through a stressful time. I was part of a pain management team and had to learn all kinds of things about the physiological processes we go through when we do certain things. So I am saying that comfort and rest are very important to your body I wish you well Joe.

How do you do it, get into my head . I hate how the pain pills make me feel . I hate that feeling that I’m not in control ;that floating feeling.And I’m use to taking care of everyone else; it’s hard to reverse the role. After saying this I know your right.

Joe, Sandy knows what she’s talking about. Your body needs as much rest as possible. Actually,I think sewing or some easy craft project is a great idea. Something that doesn’t require too much concentration, but is enough to distract your mind. I can send you some of my sewing that needs to get done!

Sorry , debb ,I think I rather cut my wrist than takeover christmas card chore, I’m sure that a lot of men feel that way. It’s just not a guy thing.

I think part of reason I wasn’t resting was that I was running on adrenaline. No taking pain meds just increased the adrenaline. I am relaxiing better now . I did have my wife walk me a little,out side . The freash air did me a world of good! It wasn’t long but I do dearly love being outside. It is lightly snowing here. Thanks for getting me on the right path.

Oh I thought that was sowing. lol

Today it all caught up to me .I took 3 naps today. So you guys wanted me to find something to do to relax . I posted a blog I hope you read it and add your comments! It keeped my mind busy researching .This is the longest for me to be seated. Thanks Guys.

Good new I saw the surgeon yesterday. He said everything is looking good . I should be able to return to work Dec.8th.Thanksto everyone for your support. With your backing it made it easier to face.