Having to change pcp

having to change to a different pcp, he is leaving the practice and I need someone closer to home. i want a more natural look at this disease. looking at a DO. what do you think?

As far as diabetes goes, there shouldn't be a lot of difference between a D.O. and an M.D. As always, the biggest difference (IMO) is how they approach the issues the you face.

In that regard, what do you mean by a "more natural look at this disease"?

What is a DO?

Doctor of Osteopathy - very similar to an M.D. (same internship and residency requirements along with similar board certification), but they study ways to manipulate the body and include that in their medical practice. In addition, a D. O. is typically known for listening well.

I consider there to be a big difference between a DO and an MD. Osteopathy is alternative medicine. It is by no means mainstream and some of the treatments are controversial. Things like Chelation and Homeopathy are employed. Certainly there will be variation, you may find a DO who is well informed and works well, but you could also end up with a quack who leads you down a road you don't want to travel.

There is essentially no difference in actual practice. They complete an identical medical training and certification then DOs spend about 1 extra semester looking at how musculoskeletal systems affect other aspects of health… Which isnt studied at MD school. They then attend the same residency / fellowship / etc as an md and can specialize in any field just like an MD… There are DO brain surgeons, psychiatrists, etc. both my endocrinologist and the only surgeon who’s ever operated on me where DOs. There really is no difference. I think Brian’s evaluation missed the mark-- MD and DO are considered equivalent titles and levels of training.

And in reality none of them actually put any of what they study in their one extra semester into practice either…

I think Brian may be getting homeopathic medicine confused with osteopathic medicine. If that’s the case I agree with everything he said:)