Having very bad gas lately and to tell the truth its embarrassing

Hey all,
As my blood sugars have been getting a lot better. I have seen many more normal #s on my meter which I love. I am noticing that I now have a lot more gas and its grossing me and my wife out big time. I have been known for having a more then normal gassy nature, my wife has pretty much kept me from most beans and similar products to try to keep the gas away, but it has come back five fold to haunt me and I am wondering if this could be a byproduct of all the high sugars I have had finally normalizing and just something to deal with until I see the Endo if it is still hanging around(sorry for the use of the pun) I personally hope to not let it linger (sorry sick sense of humor lately :p) Has anyone dealt with this before? Did you ever figure it out? And just in case any1 asks: I am on the following: Levemir 2x’s 60 units (AM and PM) and Novolog, No oral diabetes meds.