HbA1C down two points!

In August my hba1c was 11, now it's down to 9!

I wasn't expecting such a big difference, so I was really surprised. In fact, I sometimes worried it was going to be higher. Boy was I wrong!


I posted this on my facebook but none of my friends understood why it was such a big deal, so I figured I'd come celebrate over here, haha.

You came to the right place here. We all understand why it's such a big deal. Congratulations on your big improvement.

LOL, this is the right place! Good job getting going in the right direction! Keep up the good work and take it to the next level!

It's GREAT! If you can do that, you can get it down to 7 next! That's wonderful. We'll be looking for the next change! You can do it!

Thats such great news !! apparently every drop reduces your risk of complications by 30 % so youv reduced them by 60 %!!! Mine went up in the last 6 months ahhhhh but im on DAFNE and getting over fears of sugar lows. But thats great news on ur part keep it up !!

good for you. that's great news. and keep up the good work. looking forward to hearing when it breaks below 8 (or even 7) as well... well done.

Congratulations! It is a big deal and I agree....let's celebrate!

Congratulations! I bet you had a huge grin when you found out. I hope you get another surprise with your next Hba1C.

awesome! well done!
you HAVE come to the right place!

Excellent! Everyone here can relate to that. Keep it up and hopefully next one will be even lower!

Congratulations on the lowered A1C! Great job!