HCG diet

i too lost significant weight through low carb and lots of exercise. 50 pounds in 3 months managing 1500 - 2000 calories a day. Carb count is usually less than 75/day and like Jeannie said, fats become a good thing as your body converts fats into energy instead of energy stores.

I would be curious about how you maintain the weight loss with a program that doesn’t seem to really set any new habits.

Well he swears that he knows how to keep it off now. But he has already been “cheating”. I hope he keeps it off but going from 500 calories per day to 1500 you are bound to gain some if not all of it back. He says that I am preaching doom and gloom on him.

Lucky he’s not married to me then. I wouldn’t just be doom and gloom, I’d be pointing and laughing too!

Lol I got sick of eggs to, then sick of oatmeal, and cereal does not fill me up at all. Shakes only keep me full for a hour, I hate breakfast sometimes.

that’s hysterical Loquacity!

Tammy, I know this weight loss thing is hard… But it really is not as big a science as people make it out to be. One does not need to spend any kind of money on diet programs, or nutritionists… Not even on exercise equipment. I don’t believe in diets, nutritionists, or quick-loss methods… What I have done is lose weight my own way, and I’ve lost 72 lbs. No deprivation, no crazy sense of guilt… No binge cycle. Here’s my experience, if you want to read: http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/my-big-diabetes-diet-secret Best of all, I do no cheating, because I’m never deprived… :slight_smile: I always eat exactly what I want. lol

I never did call HCG a fad diet…because I do not know much about it. I did ask if there are studies and if it is safe to use. Though thank you for the link you provided bsc =)

Lizmari-Love your new pic-you look great!

So true, Lizmari. Yours is great advice & you’re an inspiration.

Thank you for the advise! I have a doctor appt on Friday and I plan to discuss all of this with her. Thanks again!

Seagator, those numbers might be good for you… but every human body is different, depending on their height… ideal weight, age, etc. As a young woman of 33, I need a lot more than 1200 calories a day to go on, and I will only consume 60-100 grams of Carbs or less. Not more. :slight_smile: Keep that in mind. :wink:

Not everyone low carbs as strict as Atkins, and I would beg you to please reconsider, and do not shirk the benefits of lower carbing… Lower carbing looks different for everyone, and we can all gauge how many carbs we can handle by simply using our glucose meters… You don’t have to do a strict Atkins diet, but you do HAVE to cut back on all the carbs. Losing weight is wonderful, but when you’re Diabetic, those carbs and added insulin will make you gain more weight and have poor control. It’s not the pill’s fault… and you don’t need more pills and insulin. Remember, quality of life is not eating more stuff or eating the way others without Diabetes get to eat… It’s being able to be healthy, have good control, and live another year in the company of our loved ones and family. If you have bad control, it’s time to use your glucose meter to gauge your level of carbohydrates… And it’s probably time to start cutting back… or you won’t lose weight no matter how hard you try, and you won’t have good control.

I cannot tell you what to eat, or how much of this and that to eat. I can tell loosing weight is very, very simple in concept, but its a marathon, not a sprint. Its easy to “start” weight loss, but hard for most folks to stay the course.

The key for me was, cut your calories where you can, eliminate carbs where you can. Don’t get too wild, but make a good choice every time. In other words, if you eat at the hibatchi, get double veggies and no fried rice. The only excercise equipment you need is a pair of tennis shoes, good socks, and a walkman. If I can lose 80 pounds, and keep most of it off for years, anyone can. You CAN do it. Learn to love walking. I found that exercising right before bedtime really helped me lose weight.

I tell myself this mantra every morning “I will keep motivated and run the marathon today. I am doing this for myself, not for anyone else. I control my weight, and my blood sugar, they do not control me. I will not permit anyone’s else’s decisions to interfere with my control.” This has worked for me so far, and I pray it will keep working. Good luck in your journey! Stay positive and in control.

I control my weight, and my blood sugar, they do not control me.


Thanks for that Mark.