He thinks he is a Poet

Lots of things fill my head like coins in a money box

So confused this morning have on 2 different socks

Maybe my head might clear some time later to day

Hold my nose swallow my morning medication

One by one I take only 10 more to go this morning

Such a lot to take insulin victoza in my tummy goes

Test my suger too high or far too low

Waiting for the reading the seconds they do pass

My meter tells me an error it does find

Batteries need changing phew does it never end

My head is still spinning my socks still do not match

Now feeling light headed and giddy please give me strengh

If I was a footballer I would still be on the bench

It's your turn son I hear go and give them hell

If only I could get out of bed stand up and move around

I would kick that big football right out of the ground

The cheers would greet me the applause I would take

Wake up any minute come on ray it's getting late

In my dreams I am healthy wealthy and wise

Pity to wake up right now life is such a surprise.

Great! I like your poem… I like to dream and hide away under the covers, pretend I am not diabetic for a day…well, kinda, until I need to test and take another shot.