Head to pillow - beepbeepbeep- I was just hi what

Not going to sleep yet.

Was that because I drank water? And it levels off at a new level and a finger stick confirms the 160.

Looks like the last two yellow dots were erroneous high readings, for some reason. When sensor data has noise, the receiver applies filters to “smooth” the raw sensor data. The filtered values are displayed, and they tend to be close to prior values. Then, the sensor data became less noisy, which produced the white dots, apparently closer to the true values. Why exactly the sensor data is sometimes noisy is difficult to tell - this can be related to hydration, movements, outside temperature, … and, of course, the age of the sensor. By the way, how old is this sensor?

Aha. That’s it. The sensor is old. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Because I delayed placing sensor order and then was told they had to contact doctor for renewed prescription. I’ve been steady at 150 since but too unsure to attempt to get lower. Can’t afford to get low tonight. And wanted to be sleeping. I’ve put on a basal rate temporary increase because I’ve been sick and inactive physically. But I don’t have confidence that basal is okay. Should return basal to normal and bolus correction. Thanks for listening