Headache all day

My bgs have been in the 80’s all day, not a place I usually enjoy, because usually they are heading lower.

Today the 80’s were a good 80 and I felt steady and not like I was losing it, but…
…terrible headache all day.

Lower bgs I am not use to being at, or work being just very stressful today, tons of work and could not get anything done, constant interruptions?

Stress or not use to being at a good 80 all day causing the headache?

Hi Karen,

Weird, I’ve had the exact same headache today. Mayve something’s in the air?!

Hope you feel better soon!


If my numbers drop to low or if I have a drastic change in my numbers I get a headache. No amount of pain killers will relieve my headache. The more my numbers change the worse my headache is. Stress will also cause me to get a headache. Good luck I hope you feel better soon.