Headaches! Please help me

I have been getting headache from the base of the back of my
Right side of my neck, all the way around to my forehead.

My eye twitches on that side, my lip droops, my mouth tingled or goes numb on the left side.

I get disoriented, slur my words and I get very tired.

I had an MRI when this started about a year ago and nothing was found…they said it was probably a TIA.

My question is, does anyone else have these symptoms? What are some common treatments for the bad headaches?

These don't sound like symptoms you should be asking people on a website about. They sound like symptoms you should be seeing a doctor for. I'm no doctor but those sound like stroke symptoms and that is nothing to mess with. Do get an appointment with a doctor right away. Maybe nothing was found about a year ago (although saying "it was probably a TIA doesn't sound like nothing") but if they are still occuring or getting worse, then you need to get a complete assessment. Sometimes it takes awhile before things become clear medically.

Did you have the same symptoms? What were your symptoms?

I’m getting another opinion next week. I’m scared.

Yikes, LAB. You are looking to compare symptoms and see if someone else feels what you do instead of having a professional see you?! I'm sorry but I find that quite disturbing! None of us are qualified to say whether we have the same conditions just because someone online says "oh, I have headaches too". It's one thing to talk about D management on here, and personally, that is my key way to manage my Diabetes. But none of us are doctors and posting to a website trying to diagnose something like a stroke is just crazy!

I'm someone who gets a lot of her needs met online but sometimes it's appropriate to sign off and get yourself out of the house and get the help you need. I mean really!!

Honestly and I am NOT one for going to the ER...but this sounds serious to me..and does sound like signs of a TIA, personally I would keep any follow up apt you have. I noticed you said you were going for a second opinion, but I'd also consider going to the ER to be evaluated. CT Scans, MRI's etc if warranted can be done through the ER. I would not mess around with TIA symptoms at all.

Bells Palsy???

do you take any medication besides insulin? I had a migrane headache that lasted about a year on lipitor. I had MRI and went to ENT doc and allergy doc. All told me I was fine just living with headaches. When I pull back on my medicine dosages the headaches went away.

Could be migraines, I have similar symptoms when I get cluster headaches like this..

There are a multitude of symptoms for migraines, I have found the best to be..


However you can't discount things like strokes, bells palsy etc.

My advice would be get to a specialist straight away as they will be able to help you much more than we can!

Agree with the others that your symptoms sound like a TIA. Is your blood pressure ok?

While I agree with everyone that says you need to see a doctor, I see you have already made the appointment and that’s great news! I would probably be curious if other had my symptoms as well. In general the symptoms you describe could be migraines, bells palsy, or TIAs. It sounds to me like they did not adequately explain what a TIA is when they told you that’s what you were having. TIA or mini stokes, are cause by partial blockages of blood flow in the brain. Basically, you have a clot just like in a full blown stoke, but it does not yet completely occlude the artery which means sometimes blood flow through just fine, and other time it can’t get through. The big risk here is if the artery becomes fully occluded. That would be a full blown stroke and would need immediate medical attention. Here’s the kicker, you can’t tell the difference between a TIA and a stroke. Only difference is time. TIAs generally last less than 24 hours. Strokes a permanent. If you have these symptoms and wait longer than 3 hours and it is a stroke, you lose you window of opportunity for treatment and will suffer permanent brain damage. It’s like playing Russian roulette. When te symptoms start, you need to get it rechecked.

I had an ultrasound on my arteries in my neck about a month ago and they were clear. I’ve had MRI’s and CAT scans as well. This happens quite often and I feel strange running to the ER every time.

Zoe, I wasn’t asking for medical advice; maybe just trying to see if anyone out there has ever experienced what I’m going through.

I'm glad you're going back to the doctor and I'm sorry they haven't given you any clear answers yet, but keep pushing and asking questions and asking for referrals as needed. I'll never forget the first time I went and got tests from a cardiologist for some persistent symptoms. He said not one word during the test, then when he was done he said in this dismissive voice: "There's nothing wrong with your heart." I then asked "then what's causing the symptoms?" He just repeated the phrase in a tone that said he might not believe I even had symptoms. After he left the office his nurse said to me (in an apologetic tone for her boss). "You might want to see a gastroenterologist; sometimes acid reflux can cause arrhythmia". I did and have been treating the two together ever since.

I understand you're scared (I would be too) and are grasping at answers, sorry if I came down a bit hard on you for looking for them here. Let us know what you find out.

I will indeed. Hopefully, I get some answers soon.

Yes, I take several meds; however, the Dr. Said it wasn’t being caused by the meds.

I would have that looked into RIGHT AWAY!!!!! Sounds VERY serious!

I agree with Linda. Do not wait.

To all my friends…thanks for helping me through this time. My new neurologist ran all the tests needed and determined that I’m suffering from " complex migraines" these can very often mask themselves to appear to be strokes.

Glad to hear it, Lab! Though of course that is nothing to sneeze at...hope they find a good treatment for it.