Headed to the desert


has anyone here ever heard of Burning Man? That’s where Vanessa & I are headed this week—an all out hippie artist fest in the middle of nowhere. check it out here: www.burningman.com

are there any 'burners' in the group? if so, do you have any advice for surviving a week in the sweltering desert with diabetes and without access to anything that you didnt bring on your back? just checking.

i'll let you know how it goes. and if for some reason im not back on tuesday, I either 1) went AWOL 2) got lost in a dust storm 3) went into diabetes-related shock after my insulin fried and then was left behind as dead weight or 4) decided that ‘burning the man’ was so liberating there was no longer a need to beg foundations and politicians for money 'for social change work'



No, I’ve never been. I know folks who have and before diabetes I kinda thought about going in a not very serious way. The rabbi of a prayer group I sometimes attend went the past few years. So did a rabbi friend I know online.


My good friend went this year and she said she had an amazing time (and she has the pics to prove it.) hope you had fun. I hear it is almost supernatural.