Heading down the Dexcom 7 Plus Path

I ordered my Dexcom 7plus on Tuesday 6/16/09 and was told I would receive it in 3 days. We shall see, I did see the charge go threw the next day, I’ll let you know.P

ok, Received it today 6/18/09, pretty fast delivery, the next step, is that my Dexcom Advisor is supposed to call me and schedule the first training session (she estimates 40-60 minutes), i’ll let you know when that happens.

received a call from the Dexcom Trainer, who will come to my house for training (less then an hour) between 10:30-11:00 on 6/23/09, she said I should put the receiver on charge the evening of 6/22/09. This is pretty timely. I have read the user guide that came with it twice, and it is pretty straightforward, My only concern, and the reason I want the personal training is how to affix/remove the sensor. I should tell you, that I wanted the insulin pump, but after two blood tests, where the c-peptide came in at 1.1, followed by 2.0, I have given up on the insulin pump, and am going to try gaining control by using the Dexcom 7 Plus… (Medicare part B does not cover CGM in Indiana, so it is all out of pocket costs, I have 4 sensors to start with, and will try to get as much time as possible from them, and save up to buy the next 4).

My trainer was on time, very nice to work with, arrived promptly, and we finished in less then an hour. I had read the manual 2 times, and set the time on the receiver prior to her coming. We jointly set , alerts, (all of them), and whe walked me slowly thru inserting the sensor, and then adding the transmitter, it turned out to be much simpler then I feared. She taught me the stop sensor, start sensor trick that might let me get more then 7 days from the sensor., and I waited the 1.5 hours (not two) for it two request the two fingersticks. I took them both and then entered them, and wallah, my first reading was 105. I don’t know what I expected to see 250, or 70, but 3 hours later, since i haven’t eaten, it has remained steady, if not drifting very slowly downward.I have a diabetic warning necklace that i wear, so i simply slip the receiver over that,and it hangs around my neck, ( I did test it last night sleeping, and it worked ok). Being a side sleeper, I placed the sensor about 4" above and to the right of my belly button, so far so good…

Great to hear! I’m considering Dexcom 7 Plus in the near future… so I would love to hear updates on how you are liking it!!

Congrats on your successful start. Wait’ll it saves you from a low or high, then you’ll appreciate it even more.

To my surprise, the receiver slowly drifted from the 105 down to 89, so i did a fingerstick 126, after entering it, the Receiver adjusted to 118, and that tells me that the sensor needs to adjust the receiver to my body, My trainer is Ann Hornsby, and she said i should do a maximum of 6 fingersticks a day, and normally enter 3 fingersticks, morining, noon and evening. She also said, that my understanding that the dexcom plus ran 15 minutes to 1/2 hour behind the fingerstick glucose numbers was not correct, it ran about 5 minutes behind.
I did download the DM3 software, and installed it on my Vista Notebook computer, no problems during install., when I started the program, it wanted to install drivers, which it did, then it told me to connect the cable from the dexcom receiver to the computer, it then completed the install, and started the normal program, and then let me download the information from my receiver into my computer. I then reviewed all the charts (which so far due to lack of extended data, are pretty flat). The reports look good. What I really, really want is to seewhere I took insulin, where i took carbs, and the results on my blood glucose. we shall see. Of course I want that on one chart.

I guess i forgot to mention, that I built an Excel spreadsheet, whereby I enter my BG and Carbs, and it calculates two numbers for me, the amount of insulin i should take for a Correction, and the Meal amount. At the moment I am taking 64 units of Lantus before bed, and then adjustable amounts of Novolog during the day.I have a target BG of 110, and am attempting with my calculations to emulate the Insulin pump approach. So clearly I will enter the insulin amounts and carb amounts as the occur.

Day two: The Receiver is tracking much closer today, probably due to multiple calibration entries of BG.
range today was 91-165, i have the upper alert set at 160, so i got to test the alert and it worked fine. I did leave my receiver laying by the computer today, and went to the neighbors, when i returned i naturally had the black connecion thingy, waited and it returned to normal when it did its next 5 minute xmit.I have now enabled the alert for out of range, so next time, when i leave the receiver laying around, i clearly won’t hear it, but i’ll at least know it tried to warn me, odd, now that i think about it, how could anyhone hear an alert, when they leave the receiver behind? Isn’t that the only way you can get an out of range?