Heading Home

This visit to Green Mountain is coming to an end, but I know I’ll be back. I definitely will return in the winter when the snow sports abound. I didn’t push myself as hard this time with the exercise and I’m a little disappointed in myself for that. But I seemed to have more of a challenge with my BG this time. I was dropping low after the more vigorous sessions quite a bit. Then today – i did the dumbest thing - -in one of the core strengthening classes, I managed to catch my tubing and yank out my infusion. I do not have another infusion set with me, so I am making it home with syringes at the ready working solely with novolog and no long acting insulin on hand. But I’ll make it. At least I have the novolog and if I just monitor closely, I’ll be able to make it until I get home tomorrow afternoon. I can’t believe I didn’t bring an extra set. Dunderhead!

i have confirmed that I really like work that emphasizes the core – like pilates. I’m definitely adding that to my strength training. I also like cardio intervals (although they wipe me out). I am planning in my head how I am going to incorporate the Green Mountain mindful eating philosophy when I get home. I really believe in this view on health and I just need to make some adjustments in my habits to ensure that I maintain the philosophy when I leave this place.

I highly recommend it to other women looking to find a way to adopt of lifestyle of wellness. I feel really good about my time here.