Heading in the Right Direction

Hello All,

This year I have publicly committed to working toward an HBA1C in the 6 range. The first appointment with my doctor revealed a dissappointing 7.9. My lastest appointment my HBA1C was a 7.6. I was not thrilled by any means, but heading in the right direction was a good feeling - something I haven’t experienced in a while.

My doctor is also wanting to see those numbers come down a bit faster. He strongly suggested I try a CGM. I just started the Dexcom this past week, and I have to say I was surprised by how much I like it. So far, it has been surprisingly accurate, and I have enjoyed keeping close tabs on my blood sugars throughout the day.

My next appointment is in September, so I’m anxious to see if the downward trend with my HBA1C continues. Hopefully it will be a larger jump!

  1. Does anyone have suggestions for getting the Dexcom tape marks off of the skin?
  2. Any CGM helpful hints?

Oil will get rid of the tape marks (I use baby oil) as will alcohol swabs with some rubbing. Love my dexcom!

Thanks irtpup - I will try the baby oil.

Congrats on your great numbers! When I was diagnosed in Feb2010, AIC was at 14. Now at 5.9. I am a testimony that you can GET THEM DOWN. Be proud of your progress!!