Heading to Missouri to visit my brothers that I haven't seen in almost 25 years

Never let things come between yourself and your brothers and sisters. Nothing is more important than their companionship and love. I wish I had taken the aforementioned advice with my brothers.

My relationship with my my late wife of 35 years caused the separation and coupled with the passing of our mom, we went our separate ways. Now my oldest brother is 68, my middle brother is 62, and I am 58. I should have worked harder to settle things so that I could have had more good years with them. What a waste…

Anyway, all anyone can do is move forward and live in the moment. Rest assured, My new wife and I will enjoy our visit and plow new ground to plant the seeds of brotherly love.

If you haven’t called your brothers and sisters lately, for whatever reason, do it…you won’t regret it.


Enjoy your visit:) Trees are just starting to turn…and they look pretty this year. Hoping that your visit brings you closer as a family.

Life should always be about moving forward and reinventing ourselves.