Healing after amputation surgery: Share your thoughts!

Hi There,

I’m new to tudiabetes.org forum. My father is 59 years old, and he is a type 2 diabetes patient. Two months ago, he became a diabetic amputee. He lost the limb below the knee of his right leg. He is taking complete rest. Even though he is recovering slowly, he often complains about pain in his legs. His doctor provided the usual treatment, and nothing new was suggested for reducing pain after the amputation surgery. So I did online research for post-surgery pain rehabilitation solutions and came to know about in-home physiotherapy. When asked to a friend who is a final year medical student, he told physiotherapy is good for healing injuries and pain after surgery and suitable for people facing mobility issues after that. But he is not sure about it in the case of doing physiotherapy after amputation surgery. Has anyone of you or your relatives has done physiotherapy after diabetic amputation surgery? Is it safe? Was it beneficial? If not, what are the alternatives? From some online articles which I have read, I think it is better to heal pain before heading for prosthetic training. Can somebody help me clarify my doubts? Kindly share your thoughts and advice as it would help us to make a decision.



I am surprised it was not suggested by the doctor. Most amputations today are the result of diabetes with T2 leading the way. Here is a nice overview from Physiopedia the people who act like an association of PT’s.

In short, while I have never had an amputation I would almost insist on it so the limb can be replaced safely.