Healing wounds with insulin...and nanodiamonds

It’s been known for some time that serious wounds can heal more quickly when insulin is applied. I found some old papers on this dating back to 1970!

Now there’s some research showing how insulin can be combined with nanodiamonds (these are smaller than microdiamonds) to make it easier to deliver the insulin to the right place.

More, including a nanodiamond picture on my post about insulin, wounds and microdiamonds.

Have you tried using insulin on a wound? How has that worked for you?

Thanks for the info. I am going to read the article to get more info. A year ago June 1 I woke up with septic bursitis in my right elbow. Fluid (actually nasty old pus) was drawn from my elbow and it turned out to be MRSA. After 3 hospital stays of 2 weeks each, 3 surgeries, 4 rounds of IV antibiotics and a month spent in a nursing home, the MRSA literally ate a hole in my elbow (a big hole the size of my elbow) all the way down to the bone. Here I am a little over a year later, $1000s in debt and I still have a hole in my elbow It just will not heal. So I am particularly interested in this new treatment. Again thank you so much for the heads up on this treatment.

Jim, this seems to be a research approach right now. It’s not clear whether you apply it topically (like a cream) or inject it close to the wound. If you’ve got diabetes, then topical would be the safest way to go. Just please be careful.