Health care in Florida?

Hello, I’m Victoria. I’m a type one diabetic currently living in PA but moving to Florida and I need help figuring out medical coverage in Florida. I don’t know where to go or what to do to get coverage and I’m scared!!! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Do you have employer based insurance in PA? If yes, you should consider cobra, which means you keep employer insurance, but pay higher premium. However, moving to another state may mean not finding providers that are included.

If you have job lined up, you should make sure you understand when/if HC is available.

If no options there, then check for plan options and costs.

Or if retired/medicare eligible, search for plans available in FL. There are local resources available to help identify good fit for you.


Hi Victoria. I am T1D 42 years, the last 5 years in Central Florida. My wife and I retired here in 2012. If you are headed to The Orlando area we could help you with information on local health care options.

Thats a good suggestion. What are the time limits on filing for COBRA? Do you have a month to do it? More?

I’ve heard that healthcare in FL is tough because of the population. Its a population that has high demands on healthcare. You might expect resources to be somewhat limited at the state level.

If possible, go Cobra.