Health Dwellers

Why do I post the posts I post?

Most diabetics dwell a lot on their health. Why wouldn't we? We have to monitor our health so closely...ALL the time! And those of us who have diabetes related complications and/or multiple health issues have all the more reason to be health dwellers.

So it is no surprise that many of us are obsessed with diabetes/ healthy eating/ exercise/ wellness topics, etc. and we post a lot of these things on our Facebooks, Tumblrs, twitters, blogs, Google+s.


I can't speak for all diabetics, but most of us:

We don't want pity.

We don't want personal attention. Yes, sometimes we do want suggestions or answers to questions. We do appreciate them a lot!

We are not whining and complaining about anything.

We are not intending to be pessimistic.

We are not exaggerating or making things up.

We ARE trying to help other type I's to understand that they are not alone in their struggle. There are so many other type I's out here who feel the same way you do. We are scared, frustrated, feel like we're failing. We know how daunting and difficult it is. We can help each other, we can sympathize and empathize. We can share our experiences and knowledge. And we can share the triumphs, joy, and good times as well!

When I post via my blog site,, I am trying to help non-diabetics understand the day-to-day life of a type I. So many people live in ignorance and assume that what they see on T.V. and read in magazines is how it really is. So many people want to think that it's "not that bad".

I know I can be blunt, I know I can sound negative. That's just who I am. I am not afraid to point out and talk about the depressing, angry, dark, and sad side of things. I have never been a "flowers and puppy dogs" kind of person, and I'm just fine with that.

I am happy despite the things I write about. Writing is my way of decompressing, getting it all out, blowing off steam. Yes, I am going through a lot of bad health issues, but I am still happy.

My writing is personal. As it should be. I may be writing to help others, but it's help through personal it is personal! This doesn't mean I am asking for others to feel bad for me; I am not trying to be an attention monger, either. The only attention I want is the attention to diabetes...attention to why it is important to take care of yourself.

I know I am not the best writer and sometimes, perhaps, it gets lost as to the reasons I post what I post. But I do try to keep improving my writing.

Diabetes is an all consuming disease. Even when we try to not think about it, it is there and it can seep through and come out in just about everything we do.

So this is why I post so many diabetes related things. It's for educational purposes, it's for "reaching out" purposes, and it's because it is what's on my mind most of the time.

Stephen King says to "write about what you know." I know diabetes! I know health issues! I know me! So these are what I write about.

Keep on writing
The public needs to know
& we type ones also learn from your blogs

Thanks. :)

I really enjoy your blogs. They are both humorous and REAL! Please keep up the good work - you're doing a great job. Your issues are serious and I'm sure that lots of other people have experiences similar to yours and your blogs help them. I just want to encourage YOU because you are on a difficult road but we all know that you will find your way.

Thank you! :D

Yes keep on going & never give up :slight_smile: